9 Dropshipping Tips To Grow Your E-Commerce Sales

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Do you have a dropshipping based e-commerce store and struggling to grow your sales?

Perhaps, you have already create a dropshipping website but haven’t got your that first sale.

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Here, in this blog post, I have shared 9 dropshipping tips that can bring you more sales & more customers.

Let’s begin.

#1 Add A Phone Number

Most of the dropshipping e-commerce websites don’t display their phone numbers. Perhaps they believe that they are not the manufacturers of the products that they are selling, so they should not display their contact details on the website. Let me tell you, this is one of the biggest mistakes that they do.

No matter whether you are selling your own product or someone else’s, your visitors should be able to view your contact details. If your potential buyers don’t have any way to contact you, they may lose trust in your website and may not come back again.

Don’t let this happen to you. Do make sure that all of your webpages have your contact details at a prominent location.

#2 Offer First Time Discounts

We all know that creating a dropshipping website is quite easy. You can hire a web developer and build an e-commerce store in few days or weeks. But the most challenging part is to get business out of your website.

In order to get more sales, especially from the new visitors, you need to create some strategies. 

Offering first time discounts to your potential buyers is one of those marketing strategies that you can use to grow your sales & customers.

All that you need to do is, ask your e-commerce developer to include a feature of first time discount.

If your dropshipping website has been developed using WordPress, it becomes even more easier for you to install a plugin and start giving discounts to your new buyers on their first order. You don’t even need a web developer to add this feature on your WordPress dropshipping website.

#3 Ask For Reviews

If you really want the increase your conversion rate of your dropshipping website, you must encourage your existing customers to write reviews on the products that they have purchased.

These reviews then can be displayed on your dropshipping website that will help your new buyers to understand more about your products and gain trust in your store.

To sum up, here are but few major benefits of asking reviews:

  • Your existing customers get engaged with your brand and feel that their reviews does matter.
  • Your potential buyers gain trust in your products & services when they read positive reviews from existing customers.

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#4 Optimize Meta Tags

Again this is one of the mistakes that most of the dropshipping business owners do. When they add or import the products from dropshipping websites like AliExpress, they do not pay attention to the meta tags of their webpages.

After you import or add the products to your dropshipping website, you must write unique meta title & meta description for each of your webpages.

It will increase the chances of your dropshipping website to gain noticeable positions on search engines like Google. And when you start getting more traffic through SEO, you will see in increase in the overall sales of your dropshipping store.

#5 Show Only High Quality Images

You can consider to remove the product images that do not look nice. 

Think from a buyer’s perspective.¬†

Your buyers are expected to pay & place their orders for the products that they can’t feel or touch. Only through high-quality images, you can help them to take a closer look of your products.

If you don’t see high-quality images on your suppliers’ webpages, you can email them and request to send some of their best product shots.

An e-commerce website that has high-quality images get more sales & customers as compared to those websites that don’t have clear images.

#6 Provide More Payment Options

In order to reduce high order abandonment rate on your dropshipping website and get more sales, you must provide your potential buyers with different payment options. 

Do not restrict them to a single payment method.

The more payment options you provide, the lower order abandonment rate you will get.

Basically, you can study the prevailing trend of your targeted audience’s region and make sure that your website has all the popular payment methods of that region.

#7 Add A Live Chat

Adding a live chat widget to your dropshipping store will also help to increase your sales. 

There could be some situations where your website visitors may have some queries about the products or your services. When they find an option to chat directly with you, your potential buyers feel more confident in placing their orders.

You can simply request your web developer to add a live chat feature on your e-commerce store. It’s not too expensive to accomplish this job. 

However, if you have used a CMS like WordPress to create your dropshipping website, then you can simply install any of the free plugins available to add a live chat widget to your website.

#8 Add FAQ Section

If you can’t make yourself available for your website visitors to chat or take their calls, you can considering adding a section for FAQ (frequently asked questions) where you can list all the generic questions that your past customers had raised and answer them too.

#9 Create A Sense Of Urgency

Creating a sense or urgency will help you to get more sales for your dropshipping e-commerce store. You can do this by any of the following ways:

  • Showing limited stock for any product.
  • Showing limited offer (like free combo) for any of the product(s).
  • Showing limited discount on any of your product(s).

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