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5 Major reasons to build a website

If you own a business, you must have a website. But do you still need a website if you don’t run any business? Perhaps yes. In other words, generating profit is not the only reason to create a website. There could be other reasons too. In this blog post, I’ve […]

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5 Important steps to redesign a website

Website development is not a one-time thing.  You do need to maintain it regularly and even redesign it when required. But the problem is that most of the webmasters either don’t know when is the right time to revamp their website or what are the steps involved in website redesigning.  […]

hire a website designer to fix website issues

4 Types of website issues that a WordPress developer fix for you

Are you experiencing some issues on your WordPress website? You must hire a website developer to get it fixed soon because a non-functional website can affect your business in several ways. Firstly, your customers start losing trust in your brand or company. Your website starts losing its search engine rankings. […]

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5 Effective ways to provide feedback to your website developer

Providing feedback to your website developer is an integral part of your web development process. Because without providing a proper feedback, your website developer can’t fix or improve your website.  But at the same time, you must take care of few things before you provide your website designer with your […]

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Need a website for your small business? Here are 8 pages that your website must have

Developing a website for any small business is no more a challenge.  You can easily hire a WordPress developer who can help you to build a website at an affordable cost. But the challenge is how to determine the number of pages that your website must have.  Especially, the novice […]

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5 Ways a WordPress developer can convert your website into a mobile app

As the world gets more mobile and looks to on-the-go solutions, your website needs to keep up with times in order to be more user-friendly and user-expedient.  As more and more people choose to browse the internet using mobile phones and tablets, websites need to have mobile presence in the […]

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7 Steps to Create an E-Commerce Website Using WooCommerce

7 Steps to create your e-commerce website using WooCommerce (WordPress) E-commerce website development nowadays is as easy as a breeze with popular and easy-to-use website development platforms such as WordPress and elegant plugins such asWooCommerce. Together, they help create spectacular e-commerce websites which are not only easy to set up but […]

hire a website designer to fix website issues

7 Most common errors on WordPress websites and ways to fix them

WordPress is one of the leading & easiest website development and web design platforms, but even with its seemingly fool-proof architecture and mechanism, users may encounter several errors.  Most of these are fairly common and easily fixable by you, but at times you may need to seek the help of […]

slow loading speed of wordpress website

6 Reasons why your WordPress website may be loading slow

Is your WordPress website taking too long to load? Did you know that slow loading webpages can affect your business in 2 ways: It can affect your SEO score of your website. It can affect the user-experience on your website. Don’t let this happen to you. Whenever you experience the […]

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6 Crucial things that you must never do with your WordPress website

While it’s true that  choosing WordPress as a CMS can help you to reduce the cost of your website development, there are several things that must be taken care of, in case of a WordPress website.  In this blog, I’ve shared 6 mistakes that you must avoid in order to […]