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e-commerce web design checklist

7 Basic yet essential features you can’t afford to miss in your e-commerce store

If you are planning to create an e-commerce website or already have one, this blog post may help you.  In this blog post, I have shared 7 basic yet essential features that you can’t affordable to miss in your e-commerce website.  Yes, it’s true that you can easily hire a […]

wordpress website development singapore

8 Best Ways To Maintain Your WordPress Website For Better Performance

Although building a new website these days has become much easier and affordable than ever. Especially, with the help of an effective CMS platform such as WordPress, you possess the power create a website quickly and save more than 40% on your web design cost. But that’s not the end […]

grocery ecommerce website development singapore

9 Essential features that your grocery e-commerce website must have to get more sales

People don’t want to visit supermarkets to buy groceries these days because there are many options for them to buy their grocery items and get them delivered at their doorsteps.  Are you too looking to develop an e-commerce store for grocery supplies? If yes, then this blog post may help […]

mobile apps developer singapore

5 Web design tips to ensure responsiveness of a website

What is responsive design? A responsive website design promises best user-experience across different platforms such as PC, laptops, mobiles and tablets.  In other words, a responsive design aims at making the user experience as good as possible across all the devices, even though the design may look slightly different. Why […]

bounce rate website design singapore

Grow your e-commerce sales with these 16 WooCommerce plugins – Part 2

In my previous blog post, I had shared the information on 8 useful WooCommerce plugins that can help you to grow your e-commerce sales.  Click here to read part 1. Here are 8 more useful WooCommerce plugins to grow your e-commerce sales.  #9 Multilanguage Plugin Do you intend to sell […]

e-commerce web design checklist

Grow your e-commerce sales with these 16 WordPress plugins – Part 1

By using WooCommerce (a WordPress plugin), you can save more than 40% on your e-commerce web development cost. However you need to know what are some of the best plugins that you must use with your WooCommerce website to get more sales.  In these blog post series (part 1 & […]

website development singapore

If WordPress is free, then why do you still need to pay for website development?

Yes, WordPress is free to use, for everybody. So why do you still need to hire a web developer and pay for your website development? This is one of the common questions that I come across when I meet my prospects. It’s true that WordPress is free and anybody can […]

woocommerce security

6 Major reasons of WordPress websites hacking & how a web developer can fix them

The security of a WordPress website is perhaps one of the most important things to take care of. It can be very frustrating for a webmaster to have an insecure website that’s vulnerable to all the potential security threats such as hacking, phishing etc. Here, I will share 6 major […]

mobile app developer singapore

6 Instructions to give your web developer for maintaining your WordPress website

Do you have a WordPress website and looking for a developer to maintain it on a regular basis? If yes, this blog post may help you.  Here I have shared 6 instructions that you must give to your WordPress developer in order to maintain your website effectively.  #1 Always work […]

navigation website design singapore

5 Mistakes your website menu may have and how can a web developer fix them

The navigation menu of any website is largely responsible for providing its users with the best or worst experience.  If the navigation menu on your website is not intuitive, your visitors may find it difficult to browse through and as a result, they may quit your website immediately. In this […]