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website developer singapore - Budget web design services in Singapore

How can a website developer maintain your eCommerce store

Maintaining your eCommerce website regularly is as important as its development because it helps you to keep your website running smoothly and it also helps to prevent problems from occurring in the future.  It is recommended that you perform some sort of maintenance activities on your eCommerce website at least […]

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eCommerce website or eCommerce app – Which one is good for you

Online business is booming, and there are numerous benefits to consider when looking into the opportunity. Selling online through an eCommerce store has helped many businesses grow into successful empires. The following are some of the benefits of eCommerce businesses that can motivate you to start your own empire. eCommerce […]

WooCommerce SEO tips

6 Tips for your WooCommerce SEO

WooCommerce SEO is of paramount importance for e-commerce sites that have been developed using WordPress. If you want to rank your WooCommerce website high in search engines, you need to execute the correct SEO techniques.  Getting your site ranked high helps you to reach more customers and make more sales. […]

website developer singapore - Budget web design services in Singapore

How can a website builder help you to build a profitable website

Are you looking to hire a website builder to create your site? Hang on! Before you proceed to contact different website developers in Singapore, just take a few minutes to read this blog. In this blog post, I have shared how can a website builder help you to create not […]

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Why most web developers use WordPress for website development

When it comes to website development, WordPress is the #1 choice for most developers. If you have ever considered hiring a website developer, you must have received a quotation from them to build your site using WordPress CMS. But why is it so that all web developers prefer to create […]

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7 Basic yet crucial things to know for WordPress website owners

If you’ve never used WordPress before, the platform can be intimidating. Learning how to optimize your website can be a daunting task. But this guide will help you out and make the process much easier. Those of you who have been using WordPress for a while might need some guidance […]

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Do you want to get rid of the high-cost website development? Read this

A website is super important to have!  Websites are crucial to an online business because they’re the hub for your company’s digital presence.  Why?  Your website is where you can showcase your products and services. Your site is a great place for your team, background, and story to be featured. […]

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The major open-source CMSs that most website developers work on

Building a website is easier than ever before. More and more companies are getting on the open-source bandwagon, meaning you can learn how to do it yourself at an affordable cost. Open-source websites offer many benefits, including managing your own content, paying affordable costs, and getting quick development and deployment. […]

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Take control of your website with WordPress development

Do you need a website where you can take control of your content? Have you considered creating a WordPress site? WordPress offers the option to edit the content yourself. There are many things that you can manage yourself when you use WordPress for your website development. With WordPress, there are […]

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Hire a WordPress developer to protect your website

Security is serious business. Attacks often happen because of vulnerabilities in WordPress’ architecture. As a result, many servers get hacked and it can be difficult to stop the damage. One reason for this is that WordPress plugins and themes can contain flaws and other issues. Mass compromises of WordPress sites […]