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8 Basic terminologies to know about WordPress before you hire a developer

You may want to hire a WordPress developer in Singapore for your website development, but before you do so, it might be a good idea to know some of the basic terminologies. These terms may help you when you talk to a WordPress developer in a professional way and be […]

wordpress website development singapore

Are you hesitant to use WordPress? This blog post will help you

It’s not uncommon to hear folks mistakenly claim WordPress is only good for blogging. In reality, WordPress is an incredibly versatile CMS that can be customized to suit any purpose.  If you’re a regular person who’s never touched code in your life, it can feel like a steep learning curve.  […]

minimalistic eCommerce website design

7 Features of a minimalistic eCommerce website design

More and more businesses are getting into the eCommerce game and more importantly, converting their traffic into sales.  The thing is, standing out from your competitors is not easy in a market that is plagued with eye candy and creative website designs. If you’re planning to start an online business, […]

faq ecommerce web development singapore

Answers to some of your common web development questions

If you are a small business owner, you’ll likely find yourself needing a website for your business at some point.  If you’re not a developer, you may have some questions like what you need on a website, how does website development works, should you hire a website designer or website […]

Low Budget Facebook Advertising

7 Tips to take care of your eCommerce website design budget

There are a few reasons why you should try to keep your eCommerce website budget as low as possible. You can spend more on marketing. eCommerce website development is not that expensive. You should spare your investment for your website’s maintenance. You shouldn’t forget about the cost that you may […]

Building affordable eCommerce website

5 Things to do for building an affordable eCommerce website

Affordable eCommerce website design is important for small businesses because it gives them a way to sell their products online, without having to invest a lot of time and money into learning how to build their own site. You should always look for a good bargain when hiring a website […]

e commerce website blog

5 Reasons Why You Should Go For an Affordable eCommerce Website Design

If you are a startup or small business, you should spend less on your eCommerce website design & development because you don’t need the most professional design and you should be focusing more on building your product. A lot of businesses are hesitant to invest too much into their website […]

8 Tips to get more sales & conversions from your landing webpage design

8 Tips to get more sales & conversions from your landing webpage design

A landing webpage is a page on your website that you direct traffic to.  The purpose of a landing page is to convert visitors into customers by persuading them to take the desired action. For the online marketers & advertisers, a landing page is a single web page where the […]

mobile application development singapore

3 Major distinctions between mobile app development and website development

With the sharp rise in the usage of mobile applications, several business owners are looking to create their own mobile apps and grow their revenue. Before you invest time & money in your mobile app or website development, you must know the difference between them. When do you need a […]

7 things to check before you hire a woocommerce developer in singapore

7 Things to check before hiring a WooCommerce developer in Singapore

When it comes to developing eCommerce sites, WordPress is the platform of choice. It is an open-source CMS that allows you to build a variety of eCommerce websites with ease. The WooCommerce plugin can be used to transform WordPress into an eCommerce site. WooCommerce is the most popular open-source eCommerce […]