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Do you need a mobile app developer in Singapore to build a professional application? Create a successful mobile app with our efficient yet affordable mobile app development services in Singapore. I can help you to:

  • Build a new mobile app
  • Redesign your existing mobile app
  • Create an MVP at the affordable cost
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about us

Who Am I?

I am running one of the professional app development companies in Singapore. At Innomedia (an app development agency in Singapore), I along with my team of mobile app developers, help small & medium-sized businesses in Singapore to create their mobile app.

Our team of expert mobile app designers has been providing exceptional web design & app development services for years (since 2013), helping businesses of all sizes achieve their goals through innovative and intuitive mobile applications.

At Innomedia, we use cross-platform technologies like Flutter & native app development technology (using SWIFT & JAVA) to create mobile apps. Our team of iOS & Android app developers can create native apps for you. Also, we have a team of Flutter developers that can create a cross-platform mobile app for you.

about us

Why Do We Use Flutter?

Flutter is a great platform (that uses DART) to create mobile apps for both iOS & Android using a single codebase. This means that it will take lesser time & cost to build a mobile app using Flutter as compared to using native technologies.

Why Us For Your App Development In Singapore?

When you hire us for your app development, you get:

  • Prompt support
  • Low-cost app development quote
  • Aesthetic UI designs for your app
  • Long-term maintenance
  • Web development assistance
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Why should you hire us?

  • Experience: We’ve worked across diverse industries, tackling complex challenges and crafting innovative solutions. Trust our expertise to bring your app vision to life with a seamless and remarkable user experience.
  • Quality: We combine cutting-edge technology, seamless user experiences, and rigorous testing to create flawless apps that exceed your expectations. Elevate your business with our unmatched app development quality.
  • Affordability: Unlock affordable app development services that don’t compromise on quality. Our team of skilled professionals leverages cost-effective strategies to deliver exceptional apps that fit your budget.
  • Support: Our team of experts provides comprehensive assistance, from concept to launch, at competitive prices. We ensure your app’s success without straining your budget, offering top-notch support throughout the development journey.

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"Bhupesh & his team are very professional and have been helping us for the last 5 years. They always know what we need & help us to achieve all within our budget!"
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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost to build a mobile app depends on various factors such as the complexity of features and development technology. The mobile app development cost in Singapore may vary between $10000 to $50000 or more.
It may take between 2 months to 6 months for your app developer to create your application. The exact timeframe to build your app will depend on the scope of work.
Most app developers in Singapore use SWIFT (for iOS) & JAVA (for Android) however some app developers may use Flutter to build cross-development applications.
In-app purchases, advertisements, subscriptions, and online selling are some of the common methods that most mobile app entrepreneurs do to monetize their apps.
When you hire a mobile app developer in Singapore, check out with them if they provide service warranty & ongoing maintenance services. At Innomedia, we provide a service warranty of 6 months to our clients. Also, we have attractive packages for mobile app maintenance services.

We can build all kinds of mobile applications that include Ride-hailing app, Food delivery app, Online marketplace app, Fintech app, Online grocery app, Real estate app, Health app, Restaurant reservation app, Spa & Salons app, eCommerce app, Productivity app, Entertainment app.

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