4 Ways In Which A Website Creator Can Build Low Cost Website

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Do you need a website and looking for best & affordable website creator in Singapore? Perhaps you already have a website and you are looking for a website developer to redesign your existing website. 

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Whichever the case, this blog post will help you to know how a website creator can reduce your website development cost. 

I will also share some of the web development skills that a website creator usually have. 

Let’s begin!

#1 Choosing WordPress

Believe it or not, by choosing WordPress, your website creator can reduce the web development cost by more than 40%.

Why WordPress websites are cheaper?

  • Using WordPress, you or your website developer can create new pages in just few minutes.
  • When you use WordPress, redesigning your website becomes easier by simply changing the website theme.
  • There are plenty of plugins available to use with any WordPress to enhance or add new features to it.
  • There are plenty of options available at affordable cost when you need a WordPress developer to design, redesign or fix your website.

To sum up, by choosing WordPress, your website creator can build your website at low cost.

#2 Choosing Themes

A custom website design may cost you more, as compared to a website that’s been developed using pre-defined themes.  

Again, if your website creator has used WordPress for your web development, there are thousands of free & paid themes available to use. Even if it’s a paid theme, you can easily purchase it for less than $100

Other than the lower cost, choosing WordPress themes has other benefits too, mainly:

  • Most of the WordPress themes are responsive (mobile-friendly).
  • When it comes to redesigning a WordPress website, it can be easily done by simply switching over the theme. 
  • Most of the WordPress themes are checked for code compliance, loading speed and browser compatibility.  

Choosing the best WordPress theme can require some skills and here comes the assistance of your website creator. 

#3 Choosing Affordable Web Hosting

Choosing a reliable yet affordable website hosting package can be a challenge, especially if you are building your website for the first time. 

Talking about website hosting, there are many companies that provide reliable services but most of them have different pricing structure. 

The key is to choose a web hosting company that’s inexpensive and at the same time provide quality services. 

Here comes the expertise of your website creator. He or she can help you to choose the best & affordable website hosting package. 

Your website creator can help you to:

  • Choose an affordable web hosting package. 
  • Deploy your website onto your server. 
  • Create your email accounts

#4 Providing Training

One of the ways in which a website creator can help you to build an affordable website is to train you. 

There are some short-term and long-term monetary benefits that you will get when you learn to take control of your website. Here are some of those benefits:

  • When you know how to add new pages, you can just seek assistance of your website developer to setup the website, while you can add the pages yourself. It will help you to save some money.
  • When you know how to edit the page contents and images, you don’t need to hire a website developer each time you need to make any changes on your website. You can do it yourself & save your money.

So next time when you hire a website creator to build your website, do insist upon a short training.  

Skills Of A Website Creator

Below are some of the skills that a website creator must have:

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