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PPC Services in Singapore

Why PPC (Pay Per Click)?

Pay Per Click (generally known as Google Adwords) advertising can help you to get targeted & quality traffic to your website, almost instantly.

Google Adwords lets you bid on targeted keywords for your business & rank your website on top positions of Google search result pages (based on the highest bid & quality score of your ads). In just a few days, you can grow the sales & revenue of your company with the help of Google Adwords.

I have experience of more than 10 years in handling PPC Campaigns for my clients & helping them to get targeted traffic on their websites. I also have a creative team of PPC experts who help me to run profitable campaigns for our clients.

Our PPC services consist of (but are not limited to) landing page optimization for conversions, bids management, keyword research, competition analysis, reporting, and changing strategies to improve CTR% & overall qualified traffic.

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Our PPC Services Include

#1 Target Market Analysis: We analyze the target market by researching thoroughly your potential customers & their search behavior.

#2 Creative Ad Copies: After doing thorough research on the target audience, we then create ad copies that entice the target audience to take action and click on our ads.

#3 Traffic Analysis: Tracking traffic behavior is a very important part of our PPC services which we do on a continuous basis. This process helps us to save advertising dollars from being spent on irrelevant keywords & traffic.

#4 Bid Management: Based on the traffic analysis, we then manage the bids on profitable keywords and other important segments to generate targeted traffic and more revenue for your business.

#5 Conversion Optimization: Based on the initial results, we optimize the conversions by making continuous improvements on landing pages and performing A/B testing.

4 Reasons to choose our team for your PPC/Google Adwords campaign:


#1 Focus On Results

We focus on the primary objective & provide measurable results for our clients so that they know how PPC advertising is contributing to their business.


#2 Expertise

 I along with my team (our experienced PPC experts) do thorough research about our clients’ market & target demographic to bid on highly relevant keywords, ensuring that they get higher profits and improved ROI.


#3 Conversion Strategy

Our PPC services not only help our clients to get qualified traffic on their websites but we also help convert those traffic into leads & sales through our proven PPC techniques.


#4 Dedication

I choose to work with a limited number of clients so that I can focus on their campaigns in a better way and provide them with a higher return on their investment.

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