5 Benefits Of Showing Products Reviews & Ratings On E-Commerce Websites

e-commerce web design product reviews

Today’s online consumers are well-informed and like to research well on the products before they can make a purchase. 

Your customers’ positive reviews & ratings can become a powerful voice that you can use to advertise your products. 

e-commerce web design product reviews

So, if you are not allowing your existing customers to rate & review your products and providing this first-hand feedback to your potential buyers, you may be losing your conversions & sales.

If you are still skeptical about including the rating & review feature on your e-commerce store, here are 5 reasons for you to do that.

#1 Product Reviews Build Trust

Building an eCommerce website is easy. You can hire any website developer and get your website developed at affordable cost. 

But the most challenging part for any eCommerce business is to build trust. Building trust is very important, so that the visitors can be converted into paid buyers.

For the new visitors, you and your company are strangers. 

Showcasing reviews & ratings with each product on your eCommerce website can make your new users trust you. Apparently, it will help you to get more sales & customers for your business. 

#2 Product Reviews Increase CTR

When search engines like Google show star ratings with your products on their search result pages, the users tend to click those ads or snippets first as compared to those that don’t have star ratings. It means that your CTR (click through rate) of your ads & search result snippet can go higher. 

We all know that the primary goal of any eCommerce business is to get more sales & revenue. Having star ratings & reviews on your products will lead to high CTR & more conversions. 

#3 Product Reviews Enhance SEO

When the customers post their reviews for any product of your e-commerce website, it also contributes toward your SEO enhancement

Here are but 3 major reasons how product reviews help in SEO:

  • While writing any product’s reviews, the customers can mention the product name which can be one of your targeted keywords.
  • User-generated content like product reviews always add to the overall content density of your webpages. 
  • When your customers write their experience as a part of their reviews, they tend to include long-tail keywords naturally, which is again good for your SEO.

#4 Product Reviews Build Loyalty

Having products reviews & ratings on your e-commerce website will not only help your potential buyers to make a decision, but it also helps to make your existing customers loyal. 

When your encourage your existing customers to write reviews on your products and post them on your website or blog, they feel engaged with your brand. They also feel that their views & feedbacks play an important role in improving your products & services. 

#5 Product Reviews Improve Quality

A product’s reviews can be positive or negative. A positive review helps new customers to make a decision while a negative review gives you an opportunity to improve the quality of your product or your customer service. 

Therefore, you must welcome all sorts of reviews from your customers. Based on their unbiased & first-hand feedbacks, you can get to know about the quality of your services.


Adding a feature of product’s ratings & reviews on your online store is one of the effective yet affordable solution to increase your e-commerce sales. Therefore, you must ask your web developer to include this feature in your website development package.

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