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SEO tips for bloggers

Are you a blogger who loves to write nice write-ups on interesting topics?Do you also track the traffic on your blog?If you do,but don’t see a good amount of traffic on your blog,then you must read this post.In this post,I have mentioned few SEO tips which every blogger must follow in order to get noticeable positions on search engines as well as more traffic to the blog.


#1 Optimize the blog titles

Optimizing blog titles for the desired keywords is first and foremost step to write a blog.When you infuse targeted keywords in your blog posts title,meta description and the main body write-up,it is likely that search engines will be able to find your blog posts easily and rank them on the search result pages for their appropriate search queries.

#2 Monitor the download speed of your blog

Make sure that your blog gets downloaded quickly otherwise it could affect your credibility among search engines like Google.You can use certain free tools available online.One of the best tools to check the download speed of a website or blog is You may open this website;enter your blog URL in the query box and run a test to check the download speed of your blog.I am sure you must know that search engines love those websites which doesn’t take much time to download and give their users a great experience.You may seek advice of a website designer who can help you to figure out the reason & an appropriate solution if your blog download speed is slow.

#3 Use SEO Plugins

There are a lot of SEO plugins available especially if your blog has been developed using WordPress.One of the best SEO tools that I would like to recommend here is Yoast’s SEO plugin for wordpress.This tool will help you to write SEO friendly blogs which will increase the chances of getting noticeable amount of traffic on your website.

#4 Interlink your blog posts

During my practice as SEO Consultant,I have noticed that many bloggers either underestimate the power of interlinking of blogs or forget to link the blog posts with each other.Whenever and wherever you find any relevant phrase or keyword on which you have already written a blog in the past,you must make sure to link it with the URL of your old blog post.This practice will help you not only to give your users a great browsing experience but also helps search engines to crawl maximum pages.

#5 Search Engine Submission

You put so much effort to gather the required information & put them together for your audience and write a nice blog but if you don’t let search engines know about your blog,you may not get appropriate audience to view your posts.It is therefore,recommended that you must submit your blog in major search engines like Google,Yahoo and Bing.

By implementing above tips for your blog,you will definitely see a noticeable increase in the traffic.Checkout my another post which talks about 6 SEO mistakes you could make while blogging.