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Blog Marketing


SEO tips for bloggers

Are you a blogger who loves to write nice write-ups on interesting topics? Do you also track the traffic on your blog? If you do, but don’t see a good amount of traffic on your blog, then you must read this post. In this post, I have mentioned a few […]


Useful wordpress plugins for content marketing

Today I was thinking about the revisions that Google introduces for its search algorithms and how frequent are those revisions. I was also thinking about what is it that always remains dominant even after so many changes in search engine algorithms. The only thing I could think of was the […]


4 rules of blogging

Are you a regular blogger or planning to become one and wondering how you can earn a good reputation and handsome money from your blog? Do you know the best practices that must be followed by every blogger in order to make the blog a success? If these questions revolve […]


WordPress.org vs WordPress.com

Lots of people ask me about the difference between having a blog with WordPress.com Vs. having a blog with WordPress.org and most of them have the impression that both are the same however there is a lot of difference between the two which I will share in this blog post. […]


9 Tips for Blog Marketing

Setting up a blog isn’t difficult these days; just create an account with websites like WordPress or Blogspot and grab one. Once you have a blog account you may start posting blogs every day, weekly or monthly. But do you think that’s the only purpose of having a blog? Don’t […]