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Do You Need A Website? Here Are 9 Reasons Why You Need A Website

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There are many small business & startups in Singapore who ask me questions like “Do I really need a website?” or “Why do we need a website when we can have a Facebook page?”. So I thought to write a short blog post on “9 Major reasons of having a website for your business or services.” 

Reason #1: You Need A Website To Gain Credibility

Any business without a website is considered as a temporary or unstable business. This is how people look at businesses these days.

Having a website is mandatory to gain credibility for your business. 

Reason #2: You Need A Website To Showcase Your Services

Yes, you can showcase your services or products on your website. No matter what type of business you run, your website can help you to demonstrate your special services, skills or products.

A website is not just a bunch of texts that you put online for the sake of having an online presence. 

A website is definitely more than that. Your website can become your sales arm.

Reason #3: You Need A Website To Engage Your Customers

Not many people think this way, but your website can help you to engage your customers on a regular basis.

How this is possible.

Well, you can have a subscription module on your website and encourage your existing customers as well as new audiences to subscribe with your blog or newsletters. 

What’s next? You can send out news, promotions & offers or inform them about your new products or services.

You just need to be creative and you can easily engage your customers with your website and grow your business.

Reason #4 You Need A Website To Save Your Time

If you have been thinking “How can a website save my time?”, let me tell you.

Instead of communicating with your new prospects every time, you can write detailed description about your services or even have a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ that will help your potential customers to learn more about your business, without having any need for you to call or meet them, thus saving your time. 

Reason #5 You Need A Website To Sell Your Services & Products

Do you sell products or services? Your website can become your best platform to sell.

If you sell products, you can hire a web developer to design an ecommerce website for you where you can showcase all of your products and sell them online.

If you sell services, you can still showcase them on your website and encourage your visitors to send inquiry and ask more information or quotation for your services.

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Reason #6 You Need A Website To Reach A Wider Audience

If you still run a brick and mortar business, its time to get out of it or at least get a website at the same time. 

Your brick & mortar business can’t allow you to capture a wider audience while your website can get you customers from other cities and states of your country.

So if you really want to expand your business manifold, you definitely need a website.

Reason #7 A Website Becomes Your Asset That You Can Control

If you run your small business through social media platforms instead of your own website, you are always at stake.

Having said this, your website can serve as your own asset. Your own property, where you can have your own content, images and forms permanently.

Reason #8 You Need A Website To Make Your Business Renowned

Getting recognition for your brand was never so easy in the history of business.

All you need is a great website that you can promote on social networks and search engines.

Reason #9 You Need A Website To Work Internationally

A website can add wings to your business. It can take your business to places.

By having a website for your business, you get an opportunity to work with not only domestic prospects & clients, but you can also build your international clientele. There will be no geographical boundaries.

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