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6 Key Features Your Ecommerce Mobile App Must Have

Yes, its true that a mobile app can help you to grow your ecommerce sales but its not as simple as it’s been said.

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To get desired results from your ecommerce mobile app, you must follow some tested & proven tips, if you really want to make it good in the first go.

In this blog post, I will be sharing 6 tips for you to follow & make your ecommerce mobile app a success.

#1 Uncluttered Navigation & Search

An uncluttered navigation is as important as the existence of any ecommerce mobile app. If the users are not able to navigate the different sections of your mobile app seamlessly, chances will be that they won’t be able to make the purchase.

What should you do.

a. Hide unimportant links from the navigation of your app.

b. Show the navigation only on the tap of menu icon.

c. The color and font style of your navigation links must be strong, crisp and readable.

Apart from having a cluttered navigation, you must also ensure that the search feature of your ecommerce app must be prominent and easy to use.

A search feature of any ecommerce website or mobile app is even more important than we think. It helps your users to search their desired product(s) easily by just typing its name, category or type.

With a prominent & robust search feature, you can easily get a boost in your conversions by at least 3-5%.

#2 Clean Design

I can’t emphasize the importance of having a clean design for any mobile app.

As we all know that there is really a huge difference between a website and an app, the design must be tailor-made for each of them.

For the website, you can logically showcase lots of features & elements together in order to entice your users to click and buy. But in case of a mobile app, since we have a lesser area (screen size) to play around, the lesser elements you have, the better it will be.

Therefore, you must advise your app designer to have a clean design.

#3 Make it Thumb-Friendly

Most of the users access websites and mobile app from their devices single handedly and hence, their thumbs play an important role in navigating different sections of a website or an app.

Making your mobile app thumb-friendly will ensure that your prospects & customers are able to tap the important elements on your app easily.

Perhaps you can request your app developer to place all the call-to-action elements such as button and links within the reachable zone of a user’s thumb.

#4 Prominent Calls-to-Action

Be it an ecommerce website or a mobile app, displaying prominent calls-to-action increases the possibility to get increased conversions.

You must also ensure that all the call-to-action elements, especially buttons, must be bigger in size and the texts on them should be readable. 

Using vibrant colors with a glossy look will be an added advantage and it will entice your users to tap and get engaged with your app.

#5 Incentive To Download

This is probably one of the best marketing techniques for increasing the number of downloads for your mobile app.

Give your users some incentives or rewards when they download your app. Be it for the first time only, but do incentivise them.

If you do this, you will see that the download numbers of your app will increase like a wild fire. 

Needless to mention, the more downloads your mobile app have, the higher will be the sales figures of your ecommerce business.

#6 Push Notifications For Blogs & Offers

Again, push notification helps you to get more sales from your existing customers.

Whenever you have any new offer or discount code, you can let your customers know by sending out push notifications to them on their devices.

Push notifications work much better than the email marketing.


Email marketing doesn’t guarantee you that your customers will open their email but push notification ensures that your message is reached to your customers, almost instantly, on their hand-held device screens.

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