9 Reasons for you to have a contact form on your website

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If you have a business website, you definitely need a contact form on it. 

You may be wondering why do I need a contact form on my website when I can simply display my phone number or email for the users to contact me.

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Adding a contact form on your business website will provide you with several benefits especially in getting more leads & sales. 

But sadly, there are many business websites that don’t have a contact form. Instead of a contact form, they simply display their email ID.

In this blog post, I have shared 9 benefits that you can get when your web developer integrates a contact form with your website. 

#1 Convenient for users

The most important reason to have a contact form on any business website is the users’ convenience

Having a contact form on your website makes it super easy for your website visitors to get in touch with you. This convenience can also help you to receive more leads & sales on your website. 

But sadly, not all business websites have a contact form. Instead, some of them just display their email ID on the contact page. This kind of practice can lower down your conversion rates.

Don’t let this happen to your website. 

Ask your web developer to integrate a contact form on your website in order to get more conversions for your business. 

#2 Add professionalism

A professional business website would always have a contact form. The websites that don’t have a contact form lacks professionalism. 

A business website without a contact form always looks incomplete. 

Adding a form to your website enhances its look because it appears more professional to your visitors.

#3 Protects from spam

Leaving your email ID on the contact page can get invite a lot of spam emails. Just because your email ID is visible to all the spam bots, you may receive tons of unsolicited emails every day. 

A contact form on your website can stop those spam emails. Especially when your website builder integrates the Captcha with your form, it becomes almost impossible for the spambots to send you unsolicited emails. 

#4 Lets you save contacts

Here comes the marketing benefit of integrating a contact form on your website. 

When your website has a contact form and all the form submission details are being stored at the backend of your website, it empowers you to view & download your contacts and use them for your marketing purposes. 

You can also integrate several newsletter plugins with the contact form on your website so that you can easily send promotional offers and other messages to your saved contacts. 

In other words, a contact form can also serve you as your marketing tool. 

#5 Provide better insights

By asking some of the personalised questions from your users you can get to know more about them.

For example, when you ask them to fill in your contact form about their business type, budget, and some geographic details, you can understand more about them and offer your services accordingly. 

#6 Get more leads

As mentioned already above a couple of times, adding a contact form to your website can help you to get more leads for your business

Additionally, your website developer can also place call-to-action elements on all the important pages of your website so that your visitors can click the call-to-action buttons and visit the contact form to get in touch with you. 

Leads & conversions are crucial for any online business and a contact form can help you to increase the conversion rate on your website. 

#7 Helps in automation

You don’t need to use a contact form as a standalone feature. Instead, you can integrate your form with any 3rd party tools or software such as:

  • Zoho (to enhance your marketing activities)
  • Mailchimp (to grow your email subscribers)
  • Other marketing or CMS software

Your developer can also build an auto-responder feature with your contact form so that the users who submit the form can receive an acknowledging message from you. 

#8 Helps to get subscribers

The contact form on your website can also help you to get more subscribers for your newsletter programs. All you have to do is enable an option for the users to check and get their consent to receive newsletters from you.

Your developer can also connect your contact form with popular email marketing providers like:

  • Mailchimp
  • Constant Contact
  • Campaign Monitor
  • AWeber
  • Get Response
  • And more

#9 Helps to get details

Of course, when you display your email ID instead of a contact form, some of your website visitors can contact you but they may not send you the required information that you need from them in order to follow up or send them a quote. 

But when you add a contact form to your website, you can encourage your users to fill the multiple fields so that you can receive the required details from them. 

For example, you can ask your web developer to create fields such as mobile number, email ID, required services, website name, business name, etc. on your contact form so that the users must fill them in order to get in touch with you.

With more details about your prospects, you can offer them appropriate services. 

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