9 Ways to leverage personalization on your e-commerce mobile app

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Personalization on any eCommerce mobile app is a vital element to increase the sales & customers because personalization allows us to categorize the customers and target them accordingly.

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With so much competition in the eCommerce industry today, it’s even more important to have a personalization feature to stand out from the crowd and make it easier for the customers to make their decision.

Now the question is “What are the different ways in which a mobile app developer can integrate personalization on your mobile app in such a way that it delivers the content according to the preferences of your customers?”.

Well, in this blog post, I have shared 9 common ways to leverage personalization on your e-commerce mobile app.

Let’s dive in.

#1 Personalize navigation

Let’s say you have a mobile app that sells both male & female products. Based on the previous visitors of your app users, you can redirect them to their respective sections (male or female) when they login to your app next time. 

This kind of navigation adjustment can help your app users to save their time from browsing different sections unnecessarily. 

#2 Personalized search results

Needless to mention, when your eCommerce app shows your users their preferred items (based on recent visits, past history, etc.) on top of the search results, it is more likely that they will buy those products from you. 

In order to do this, your mobile app builder can simply change the sequence of the products so that the top results on search pages show the items according to the preferences of your users.

A personalized search feature on your eCommerce app can help you to grow your sales & revenue. 

#3 Personalized emails

There could be many ways in which your eCommerce app developer can play around to personalize the emails

For example, if any customer buys a mobile phone from you, you can send this customer an email to confirm the order along with the list of recommended accessories or gadgets that are compatible with their newly purchased mobile. 

You can also send follow-up emails to the customers who added some products to their cart but never completed their orders. In other words, your app can also help you to recover the abandoned orders.

Additionally, your app can send emails to your existing customers and inform them about new arrivals or discounts & offers on the products that they are most likely to buy, based on their personal preferences. 

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#4 Recommended products

Displaying recommended products to the users on your app based on their browsing history, preferences, interests, etc. can also help to personalize your app for the users. 

What are the benefits of showing the recommended products to your users?

  • It increases the chances of conversion.
  • It helps the users to save their time in browsing.
  • It makes your users feel that you really care about their choices. 
  • It helps you to up-sell more products to the same customer.

#5 Geo location adjustment

Showing the content & products according to the geolocation of the users is another way to personalize the user experience on your eCommerce app. 

For instance, when you open the Amazon website or app, it always displays the products according to your geolocation. Later if you want, you can change the settings but by default, it will show you the products based on your geo preferences. 

Again, when your app users get to see the products based on their geolocation, they are more likely to place their orders with you. 

#6 Up-selling based on the interests

Did you know that more than 70% of the customers are more likely to buy based on personalized recommendations?

Having said above, you can also ask your app developer to display recommended products to up-sell on the checkout screen of your mobile application.

When you try to up-sell the products to your existing customers based on their interest, you can have higher chances to get more conversions.

#7 Personalize homescreen banner

Another great way to personalize the user experience on your app is to show the home screen banner according to their previous history/interests. 

Since the home screen of any eCommerce app is the welcome gateway for its users, showing the personalized product images on the banner can help to reduce the bounce rate and increase conversions. 

#8 recently viewed items

There could be many users on your eCommerce app who may have liked a product or a few of them but never added those products to their cart. As a result, they may not be able to revisit those products because of the overwhelming number of items on your app. 

Showing your app users the products list that they viewed recently is another way in which your app developer can personalize your eCommerce app that would always make it easier for your shoppers to revisit those product pages in just a single click. 

#9 Interest related discounts

Based on the browsing history & behavior of your app users, you can offer them the respective discount codes

For example, if the recently viewed items of a user on your app were related to the female shoes, you can show this particular user the discount code that you are running on the shoes.

This kind of personalization can really help you to grab more sales & customers for your business. 

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