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5 Things That Your Website Developer Must Include On Product Pages Of Your Online Store

Do you want to get more conversions on your e-commerce website? Of course, who doesn’t want. We all know that building an e-commerce website is much easier than running it successfully. You can easily hire a web designer who can build your website at an affordable price.

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E-commerce website’s success

But getting more conversions & sales is perhaps the only determinant of any e-commerce website’s success. The higher number of sales a website gets, the more successful it becomes.

What’s important here

A product page of any e-commerce store plays an important role in its success. Therefore, in this blog post, I have shared 5 important things that your website developer must include on the product pages in order to convert more browsers into paid customers.

Let’s start.

#1 Multiple Product Images

Selling to online consumers is more of a presentation, than just quality.

If you expect your users to pay & place their orders online, you need to make sure that the quality of your product images are good. Not only that, but you must also show as many images as possible, for each product.


It’s simply because when you make a product look better & more desirable, you make people want it more. When you show different images for each of the products on your website, people tend to get a clear idea about the quality of your product.

Your web developer can integrate multiple image option for you to upload different images for each product so that the users can view them. 

#2 Expandable Description

Do you think that when you show lots of information for each of your product on your store, the users really read them? Perhaps not. Having said this, we must also not underestimate the fact that there are many users who do want to read the whole product description before they make-up their mind to buy the product.

So what’s the solution here?

Well, your website developer can show a teaser information of your product first and then provide your customers with an option to view more, if they wish to do so. This can be done by using a collapsible description box.

#3 Product Videos

In 2020, you may notice that more and more e-commerce websites will be making use of videos to provide their products’ demo. If an image can say a thousand words, a video can probably say a millions.

Modern consumers, especially millennials expect e-commerce stores to provide a working demo of their products through videos, before they decide to buy.

Your eCommerce developer can provide you with a placeholder on product pages to embed respective videos.

#4 Prominent Add-to-Cart Buttons

It is perhaps the primary responsibility of every website builder to pay attention on add-to-cart buttons on your e-commerce store because these buttons can really help you to grab more sales.

The more prominent add-to-cart buttons are, the higher number of clicks it will get. As a result, you might end up getting more sales because of the “law of probability”.

#5 Recommended Products

Showing recommended products is yet another great way to add more items to your customers’ cart. 

When your website builder incorporates a “Recommended Products” section on the product pages, it enables you to up-sell to your existing users. However the these recommended products must be shown appropriately as showing wrong set of products may hurt your existing sales too.

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