How Can A Web Developer Increase Average Time On Page Of Your Website

increase ecommerce sales-

How good your website has been developed for your users, can be determined with the help of Google Analytics information. 

Especially, “Average Time On Page” data on your Google Analytics dashboard can reveal a lot more on the time or duration that users spend on your webpages.

increase ecommerce sales-

If your website’s “Average Time On Page” is higher, it simply means that your website is able to attract the users’ attention which is good for your business. 

But when this data is too low, it can be an alarming sign for you to take some action immediately.

In this blog post, I am going to share 5 ways in which a website developer can improve the “Average Time On Page” for your website.

#1 Taking care of the website design

The most important factor that affects the “Average Time On Page” data of your website is its design because that’s the first thing that your users view when they come across your website.

Therefore, when you realise that your targeted audience is not spending much time on your webpages, you may consider hiring a web developer or designer to improve your website design.

Here are but some of the important website design tips your web designer or developer can follow:

  • Using interactive navigation.
  • Using limited yet vibrant colors according to your brand scheme.
  • Including call-to-action elements
  • Taking care of mobile responsiveness

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#2 Taking care of fonts

Fonts are yet another important area of your website that can affect the time that users spend on your website. 

In other words, if the fonts on your webpages are not easily readable, the users may quit your website immediately. As a result, the “Average Time On Page” data on your Google Analytics dashboard can go higher.

Your website developer can assist to define nice & easy-to-read font style for all the essential elements like headings, sub-headings, links, texts etc. that will make it easier for your users to read the information and encourage them to stay longer.


#3 Incorporating internal linking system

Internal links across the webpages on your site can help the viewers to travel from one page to another. Of course, these links must be logical and should take your users to appropriate pages.

Linking your webpages internally helps not only to retain the users on your website but it will also increase your website’s chances to gain higher rankings on search engines like Google.

Fortunately, if your website developer has used WordPress to build your website, it becomes even easier to install a plugin and start linking different webpages from appropriate words or keywords.

#4 Optimizing images

By ensuring that the images on your website load properly and don’t have any of the below issues, your website developer can assist to improve the average time spent on your website.

  • Out-of-shape images
  • Low resolution images
  • Distorted images
  • Slow loading images

#5 Taking care of loading speed

Last but not least, your web designer or developer can improve the loading speed of your webpages in order to improve “Average Time On Page” of your website.

Various studies have shown that slow loading speed of any website can affect its user-experience badly due to which your users may not like to wait and spend time on your website.

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