6 Things To Check Before Hiring WordPress Designer in Singapore

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Do you need a website and looking for a WordPress web designer in Singapore to create your website?

It’s true that developing a website using WordPress can save your web design cost significantly. 

Also, you can easily find a WordPress web designer or developer to do this job for you.

wordpress designer singapore

However, there are few things that must be considered while hiring a WordPress web designer so that you get what you want, without wasting your time & money.

In this blog post, I will be sharing 6 things to check before you hire a WordPress web designer.

Let’s start.

#1 Experience

Experience is the most important thing to check before awarding your web design project to a WordPress designer.

There are many newbie web designers who claim to develop a WordPress website at a cheap price, and that too within few days. 

For a simple & basic website, it should be ok. But when it comes to custom website development, you really need to consider the working experience of your WordPress designer.

Why experience is so important?

In the absence of sufficient experience in web development, your web designer may:

  • Create a website that looks unprofessional.
  • Leave you with a half-built website.
  • Leave you with a website that’s full of errors.

Don’t look at the catchy price while hiring a web designer. Rather, count on their experience.

#2 Programming Skills

Developing a website using WordPress is as simple as few clicks. Anybody with some technical knowledge can build a website using WordPress. 

But when it comes to customizing a website to match specific requirements, it does require programming or coding skills.

So, in order to make sure that your WordPress designer don’t get stuck in the mid of your website development, he or she must have required programming skills.

#3 Project Understanding

Even if your WordPress designer possesses great programming skills, but is unable to understand your requirements, your project may go haywire.

It is therefore, important that you must check for the  project understanding skills of your WordPress designer.

Your WordPress designer must be able to:

  • Fully understand your requirements.
  • Anticipate possible issues & their solutions.
  • Recommend some suggestions to make your website better than the competition.

#4 Past Works

Before hiring a WordPress designer, do make sure to check his or her past works.

By looking at their portfolios, you will be able to determine the quality of their work. It would be even better if you ask them to show some of the similar websites that they have designed in the past.

For instance, if you need an e-commerce website, have a look at their previous e-commerce works. You will get a fair idea about the quality that you can expect from them.

#5 Testimonials

This is perhaps one of the best way to check before you engage any WordPress designer. 

Talk to their previous customers or email them and find out what kind of quality & support they provide.

Does your web designer helps his or her customers after the website is launched also, or do they serve them till the time of taking the final payment only? This kind of information you can find out from their existing customers. 

#6 Support

What kind of support does your WordPress designer offer?

Does he provide any service warranty?

Will they help you to fix any bugs or issues that may arise after launching your website?

These are some of the important questions that you must consider. Support from your web designer is as important as the development of your website.

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