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15 Ways in Which A Website Designer Can Reduce Bounce Rate of Your Website

Your website designer needs to look at all the relevant data when looking to run a successful website.  A key factor that a lot of marketers, web developers and website owners often overlook is the bounce rate.  If you notice that your bounce rate is higher than expected, it is […]

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5 Ways In Which A Singapore Web Designer Can Build An Affordable Website For You

Do you need a website and looking for an affordable web design quote? Perhaps, you may have received several proposals from different web design agencies and web designers in Singapore, but they seem to be very expensive. Don’t worry. In this blog post, I will be sharing some of the […]

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6 Things To Check Before Hiring WordPress Designer in Singapore

Do you need a website and looking for a WordPress web designer in Singapore to create your website? It’s true that developing a website using WordPress can save your web design cost significantly. Also, you can easily find a WordPress web designer or developer to do this job for you. […]

singapore website designer

4 Reasons Why you don’t just need web designers but you need your web partners

Having my sleeves rolled-up and making my hands dirty in web design & development (still loving it), I can tell you in a nutshell. You don’t just need a web designer. You need a web partner. If you too have spent years in your web development & maintenance, you probably […]