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business listing mobile application development

What’s a business listing mobile app?

A business listing app is a mobile application that allows the users to search for local businesses, rate them, connect with them, and at the same time, it allows the service providers/businesses to sign up, and list their services on the app.

In other words, a business listing mobile app lets the customers connect with the businesses in an efficient & intuitive manner.

business listing mobile application development

Some of the best examples of business listing mobile apps are Yelp, TripAdvisor, etc.

What are the basic features of a business listing app?

Although there could be dozens of features that a business listing mobile app can have, here we have shared some of the basic features that your developer must add to your listing app:

Easy Login & Authentication

Both the customers & service providers should be able to access the app on their phones and have the ability to log in or sign up using their email address or phone number.

Social Login

Social Login is a feature in your app that allows users to sign up for your service using their social media profiles. It’s a great way to reduce friction and increase conversion rates because users & businesses don’t have to create a new password and don’t have to go through the hassle of entering all of their personal information. Every professional app developer knows how to integrate a social login with the apps.

Managing profile settings

The app should allow businesses and users to manage their own profiles and keep them up to date.

Geolocation & Google Maps integration

A business listing app should have Geolocation & Google Maps integration features for the businesses. This will help the users easily locate the business. To add a geolocation feature to your mobile app efficiently, you need to hire an experienced mobile app developer.

Review & Rating to business

The app should also allow users to share their experiences with the businesses listed on the app. The users can do so by simply posting reviews & ratings for the business they have dealt with. This feature will help the new users to choose an appropriate service provider or business on the app.

Finding Nearest Store from current Location

Based on the current location of the users, the listing app should show them the nearby businesses. This feature will help the users to connect with the nearby businesses easily.

Push Notification

A push notification will help the admin to send out the messages to different roles (customers or businesses). It doesn’t take too much effort for your app developer to add a push notification feature to your mobile application. Therefore, you must ask your developer to add this feature for you.

Add to Favourites

Your app developer should also add a feature to your business listing application to allow the users to add any business or service to their favorites.

Easy to Search and filter Services

Robust can be considered the backbone of your business listing app. Your app must allow the users to search and filter the service providers according to their specific needs. Over a period of time, your app may have hundreds or even thousands of service providers that can make it difficult for the customers to browse and find a suitable business. A robust search and filtration feature will enable the users to find exactly what they’ve been looking for. Your app developer should try to make the search & filtration feature as user-friendly as possible.

Chat with vendors

Your app developer can also add a chat feature to your mobile application. This feature will allow the customers to chat with their desired vendors and resolve their queries instantly.

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How can you monetize a business listing mobile app?

You’ll have to get creative, but there are ways you can monetize a business listing mobile app. You could, for instance, include advertising in the app. You could charge the businesses a fee to unlock certain features. Or you could partner with other apps to offer your users incentives for downloading both apps.

What are the best technologies to create a business listing mobile app?

You can hire an Android developer and an iOS developer to create native mobile apps. In the case of native apps development, you will get two different codebases (one for the Android app and the other one for the iOS app). Alternatively, you can also hire a react native or flutter developer who can work on a single codebase and create an app that will run on both iOS & Android devices.

Native apps development charges are usually higher than hybrid app development.

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How much is the cost to create a business listing app?

The cost to build a business listing mobile app may depend on several factors such as:

  • The scope of work: In other words, the cost to build your app may vary according to the complexity of the features that you need.
  • Whether you need a native app or a hybrid app: Native mobile apps are more expensive than hybrid apps however the native apps also offer excellent quality. The best way to build a quality mobile app at an affordable cost is to hire a react native developer or a flutter developer. Building an app using react native or flutter can reduce the timeline & cost to create your app.

If you want to build a basic business listing app, it can cost you $12000 or more, according to the complexity of the requirements.

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Tips to hire a mobile app developer?

Here are a few questions that you must ask before hiring a mobile app developer to create a business listing app.

  • How much experience do you have in mobile apps development?
  • Can you share some of your past app development works?
  • How much you will charge to create my apps?
  • Which technology or platform will you use to create my apps?
  • How much time will it take to build my mobile application?
  • What kind of service warranty do you provide with your app development services?
  • Will you be able to maintain my mobile apps?

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