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11 Things to know about mobile app development before you hire a developer

Before you hire an app developer, it’s important to understand the basics of how mobile apps work.  In this blog post, I have shared 11 things about mobile application development that will help you to discuss your project with your app developer.  Some of these terms can even help you […]

personalization in mobile application development

Why personalization is important for your e-commerce mobile app to get more sales

If you already have an e-commerce app or planning to build one, this blog post may help you to grab more sales with the help of the personalization of your app.   What is personalization? Personalization is the technique or methodology to collect valuable insights into your customers’ behavior & interests […]

mobile application development Singapore

9 Ways to leverage personalization on your e-commerce mobile app

Personalization on any e-commerce mobile app is a vital element to increase the sales & customers because personalization allows us to categorize the customers and target them accordingly. With so much competition in the e-commerce industry today, it’s even more important to have a personalization feature to stand out from […]

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8 Ways to build a secure FinTech mobile application

Be it any economy or industry, finance plays a major role.  In order to boost the financial activities, a technology-driven approach is required. Here comes the role of a FinTech mobile application.  FinTech mobile apps can help to improve the traditional financial methods for the delivery of financial services in an […]

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6 Ways to build the credibility of your e-commerce mobile app

There are tons of e-commerce mobile apps out there. But do all of them get success? No!  There are some essential ingredients that can be found in all successful e-commerce apps.  Credibility is one of those ingredients.  Especially with the rapidly growing online scams, online customers have become wary about […]

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8 Common features that most of the successful mobile apps have

Over the last few years, the app market has become increasingly competitive. As a result, the app businesses are finding it difficult to survive, let alone the growth. In order to compete & grow in the mobile apps industry, it is very important to learn about those features that make […]

mobile app for real estate singapore

8 Essential features of a real estate mobile app

Today, more than 50% of the customers are using real estate mobile applications to buy, sell, and search for their desired properties. This fact alone is the most important reason for real estate businesses to create a mobile app. So, if you too have a realty business or intend to […]

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Android vs iOS – Which platform is right for your mobile application development

Are you looking to create a mobile app but not sure about the appropriate development platform that you must start with?  When it comes to mobile application development, there are 2 major platforms or operating systems – Android & iOS.  Do you need Android or iOS? Do you need both […]

mobile application development singapore

13 Points checklist to build & make your mobile application successful

If you already have an online business or planning to start one, you must have a website. We all know that. But if you want to stand out from your competition, you can also consider building a mobile application for your business too. Of course, when it comes to creating […]

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5 Features that your social media mobile application must have

Social media has become an integral part of internet. Almost every internet user has a social profile and they like to hangout on their preferred social platform.  Why just hangout, social media portals like Facebook & LinkedIn can also help you to grow your business through their advertising platform.  Various […]