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Mobile Applications

laundry mobile apps design

Why Mobile Apps For Laundry Business & 7 Essential Features Of A Laundry App

As people are getting busier & their lives getting hectic, the popularity for on-demand mobile applications has been increasing rapidly. Be it food, beauty or delivery services, there are several mobile applications that are available in the market to make the lives of customers easier. Laundry services are at no […]

mobile apps development contract

7 Essential Points Of A Mobile Apps Development Contract

Are you looking for a mobile app developer to build your application? Before you hire any developer or an app development agency, do make sure to have a contract signed by them. If you are not sure about the contents of a mobile app development contract, this blog post will […]

mobile apps development ideas

5 Sources To Get Great Ideas For Your Mobile Application Development

Are you fantasised by the emerging market of mobile applications & thinking to develop an application for you too? Perhaps, you have been planning to develop a mobile app for quite some time but not sure about the idea that can revolutionise the way things are done now. In this […]

beauty salon mobile apps developer singapore

7 Important Features Of A Salon Mobile Application

Salon is considered as one of the businesses that get repeated customers.  While there is a huge demand for salons as everybody need their services every few days, there has been a cut throat competition in this industry too. To beat the competition and get more customers for any salon […]

finance mobile application development

5 Essential Elements That A Finance Mobile App Must Have

There has been a substantial improvement in the way various businesses are serving & engaging their clients with. Financial institutions are not at exceptions. Over a decade, almost all the financial institutions or agencies have been interacting with their customers through the websites and emails.  Now it’s time to go […]

mobile app development for events

8 Essential Features Of An Event Mobile Application

Do you want to develop a mobile application for your events business?  Perhaps, you are thinking to create a mobile app for your training or seminars that you hold every year. Before you hire an app developer to build a mobile application for you, do ensure that your application has […]

mobile app developer singapore

9 Questions That You Must Ask Before Hiring A Mobile App Developer

So you want to develop a mobile application for your business and looking out for best yet affordable app developers to do the job for you? Here are 9 questions that you must ask before finalising a developer: #1 How Much Experience They Have? This is perhaps the most important […]

native vs hybrid mobile apps development singapore

Whether To Build A Native App Or A Hybrid App In 2019

An important question that surfaces quite frequently among app developers and app business owners is “whether to build a native app or a hybrid app.” For newbie app entrepreneurs, it may be even daunting when their app developers ask them about their preferences to choose either hybrid or native. If […]

coffee shop mobile app development

8 Must Have Features For A Coffee Shop Mobile App

Do you run a local coffee shop in your town & thinking of different ways to scale up your business? Go for a mobile app. Yes, in today’s world, where every giant coffee chain is enhancing their business using great mobile apps, you can do too. However before you invest […]

ecommerce mobile apps development singapore

6 Reasons Why E-Commerce Mobile Apps Are Better Than E-Commerce Websites

Every e-commerce business owner understands the importance of having a fully-functional website to sell their products online. Sure, we can’t underestimate the power of e-commerce websites when it comes to selling online. But with the increasing usage of mobile phones, especially those of smartphones, having an app for any e-commerce […]