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Mobile Applications

mobile application crash issues

5 Major reasons why mobile applications crash

The reliability of any mobile app is as important as its existence. Since more and more users may depend on your mobile apps to carry out their businesses, it’s important to ensure that your mobile app is stable & robust and doesn’t crash abruptly. Although, there are several reasons why […]

mobile app development singapore

Flutter Vs. React Native: Which platform is better for your mobile app development

We all know that cross platform mobile app development has gained immense popularity over the last few years.  The most important reason for this popularity is that it allows you to develop mobile apps that can be used on multiple mobile platforms. Due to this reason, you can build your […]

seo Singapore checklist

23 Checkpoints before designing & creating a mobile application

We all know that a mobile application can totally change the game of your business. If you have got any great idea, you can build a mobile app around it to grow your business or set a new trend in the industry.  The cost to develop a mobile application is […]

mobile app development singapore

6 Easy ways to get more downloads for your mobile application

Creating a great mobile application does require cooperation of experienced & professional app developer. But when it comes to getting more downloads & engagement for your mobile app, you do need to create a sound strategy. Here, I have shared 6 easy yet effective ways to increase your mobile app […]

mobile application development Singapore

7 Common Myths About Mobile Application Design

Do you have a great idea and intend to build a mobile application around it? Great! But before you proceed ahead and hire a mobile app developer to build your dream application, here are few things to know.  In this blog post, I have listed out 7 common myths about […]

mobile application development & marketing

5 Ways in which an app developer can cut down your app development cost by more than 40%

When we think about mobile application development, we think about a huge investment. Isn’t it? There are many small businesses or startups who’ve really got great ideas and want to test them out, but their fear of investing a huge amount of money in mobile app development stops them to […]

e-commerce mobile apps development Singapore

6 Payment Gateways For Your E-Commerce Mobile Application

The primary objective to build any e-commerce mobile application is to generate revenue. And in order to generate revenue from any e-commerce app, there has to be a seamless payment process. Before launching your e-commerce mobile app, do give a serious thought on the fact that not all the customers […]

signup form mobile application development singapore

7 Best Practices For A Mobile App Developer To Follow For Signup Process

Among all the factors that are involved and responsible for the success of any mobile application, user-experience stays on the top. And when we talk about the user-experience, signup & login process plays an important role. Therefore, every mobile app developer must take care & consider to keep the signup […]

mobile apps development ideas

8 Essential Services Of A Mobile Application Maintenance Package

When you acquire a new house, you do not spend hundreds of thousands of dollars and then forget about it. You also need to invest in upgrading it & maintaining it to ensure it lasts for a long time. The same holds true for your mobile app. As soon as […]

e-commerce mobile apps development Singapore

9 Essential Elements Of An E-commerce Mobile Application In 2019-2020

Do you run an e-commerce business and looking for some ways to grow your business? Go for mobile app development.  Even the e-commerce giants are harnessing the power of e-commerce app development to improve mobile experience for their end users, by using strong technology infrastructures to provide cutting edge mobile […]