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handyman mobile app development in singapore

5 Essential Features Of A HandyMan Mobile App To Have

Fulfilling the “on-demand” services through mobile applications has become so profitable that almost every service provider is thinking about new ideas to develop their mobile app and make money. Such a similar service is providing handyman “on-demand” to take care of misc jobs like Carpentering Plumbing Electricals Tiling Cleaning Controlling […]

mobile apps development singapore

5 Major Reasons Why Mobile Apps Fail & How To Fix Them

Mobile apps are everywhere.  Every business owner is thinking of new ways to serve their customers in a unique way. Even many entrepreneurs are relying on just mobile apps to start & grow their businesses. But do every mobile app concept succeeds? The answer is obviously ‘No’. While it’s true […]

affordable mobile apps singapore

5 Ways To Save Around 50% On Your Mobile Apps Development

While it’s true that a mobile app has become an effective tool to do & grow business in the modern era, most of the startups & SMEs are still not convinced to build mobile apps for their businesses. The major reason of their reluctance is perhaps the high cost of […]

react native mobile apps developers singapore

Is React Native Apps Better Than Native Apps?

As a mobile application consultant, I am being asked this question quite often “Is react native better than native apps? Can we use react native to build our mobile app and reduce the cost of development”. Therefore, I thought to write a blog post and cover some of the important […]

nativemobile apps vs hybrid mobile apps

Native Apps Vs Hybrid Apps – Which One Is Good For Your Mobile Application

Are you looking for mobile apps development for your business but not sure which platform to go with? Or are you confused with your app developer’s question on choosing your platform between Hybrid & Native? If you are not sure about which platform you must go with, then this blog […]

ecommerce apps developer singapore

7 Usability Tips For Ecommerce Mobile Apps To Get More Sales

Do you have a mobile application for your ecommerce business but not getting enough conversions? Or do you intend to develop an ecommerce mobile app for your business? In either of the case above, you will find this blog post useful. Here, I’ve shared 7 tips to improve the user […]

singapore mobile apps developer

6 Common Mistakes Made In Mobile Apps Development

While it’s true that mobile apps can help businesses to grow their revenue & customers, it also holds truth that a few mistakes can ruin the whole purpose of having a mobile app at all. There are numerous plenty of apps available today (both Android & iOS), but not all […]

apps hacker

6 Ways To Check Authenticity Of Any Android Mobile App

If you think that an unsafe Android app can inject viruses on your phone and can damage it internally, or a malware that can steal all of your private & confidential data, then you’re not wrong. It’s true that an unsafe mobile application, if downloaded, can harm not only your […]

mobile application development singapore

7 Ways To Enhance Users Experience On Your Mobile Apps

A mobile application’s user experience plays a vital role in its success. We all know that. But the question is how to enhance the users experience of any mobile app. Mobile users have been increasingly demanding a lot more from apps to keep them coming back after the initial download. […]

mobile apps design singapore

9 Tips To Create UI Designs That Your Mobile Apps Developer Must Follow

If you analyze the most successful mobile apps worldwide, you will find one common quality that each of these apps would have.  Yes, that’s their design. The UI of any mobile app plays a vital role in its success. Even if you want to build a mobile app for your […]

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