5 Reasons To Have A Mobile App For Logistics Business

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We all know that the logistics industry has grown a lot during the last decade. One of the major reasons for the logistics industry’s growth is the booming eCommerce and online retail industry.

There are numerous activities in a logistics company such as packing and transportation of goods and materials, warehousing, handling of materials, stock management, supply chain management, and much more.

With so much competition and activities to do, it has become a necessity for logistic businesses to get a mobile app and automate their processes.

In this blog post, I will be sharing 5 major reasons for a logistics business to get a mobile app.

#1 Monitor Vehicle Location

With the advanced GPS technologies that can be embedded with a mobile app for logistics, you, as a business owner, can easily track the location of your vehicle and monitor its movement too.

Here are but some of the major benefits of having a vehicle location monitoring feature in your logistics mobile application:

a. Enhanced Efficiency of Dispatches: By monitoring their vehicle location through a mobile app, the logistic business owner can schedule and reschedule the dispatches and make sure the best usage of fleets.

b. Customer Service Improvement: By enabling vehicle monitoring through GPS, the logistics business owner can provide the best & accurate information to their customers (both senders and receivers).

#2 Online Booking

A mobile app for logistics can also allow customers to book their shipment online and facilitate the collection and deliveries. 

A mobile app developer can easily integrate a payment system with the logistics app to allow customers to book online and pay through their credit cards or mobile wallets.

At the same time, the online booking feature in a mobile app also helps logistics business owners to make more money by providing flexibility to their customers to book online and arrange for their parcel collection from their convenient location.

#3 Fleet & Drivers Management

A mobile app for logistics can also serve as an effective tool for fleet & driver management. 

Yes, one of the biggest advantages of availing a mobile app for your logistic company is that you can go paperless and get rid of the complexities involved there.

One can easily view all the available fleets & drivers and the list of shipments assigned to each of them. No more hassles of managing the long list of vehicles and drivers. 

This automation helps not only in improving the speed of the whole process but also reduces the possibility of human errors.

#4 Order Tracking

By developing a mobile app, logistics business owners can provide a great facility for their customers to track their orders online.

A unique tracking number can be given to the customers when they complete their orders and through this unique order number, they can easily track the movement of the driver and their parcel.

Therefore, when you hire a mobile app developer to create a logistics app for you, ask him to build a robust order-tracking system for your customers. 

#5 Warehouse Management

Other than the transportation and delivery of the goods, logistics is also about managing warehouses well. The warehouse is an important space where all the inventories are stored before being dispatched to the final destination.

Since all information is stored in a database,  the app can guide you better regarding the proper storage locations and it will be easier to check the inventory.

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