5 Ways to Get More Sales From Your Ecommerce Adwords Campaign

grow ecommerce sales

Do you run a Google Ads campaign for your eCommerce website? If yes, then you must be always looking for some great tips to increase the overall sales figure from your eCommerce store.

Here you are. In this blog post, I will be sharing some easy yet effective ways to grow your sales.

Let’s start.

#1 Sitelinks

Sitelinks are the links that appear below your Adwords ad and are linked to different pages on your website. For eg. below your ads for a specific product on your eCommerce website, you may show a site link with the category name of that product and link it to your category page.

The site links help advertisers to show more than one link on their Adwords ad and at the same time, it helps users to go to the different pages of their website which are more relevant to their search query.

Here are the major benefits of site links:

a. An advertiser can show more than one link to send users to their website.

b. An ad with site links has usually a higher CTR (Click Through Rate) because users can see different page/section names and click them to go to the appropriate one.

#2 Product Listing Ads

PLA’s (Product Listing Ads) show a photo, product name, and price along with the promotional message, and your business name. These details appear alongside text ads at the top of search results in a separate box of their own.

How PLA can help you to get more sales from your eCommerce store:

a. PLA’s have generally higher CTR as compared to the normal ads. The reason is quite simple when your potential buyers see their desired product(s) listed nicely upon their search, they are more likely to click on them. Of course, the appearance and price of your product matter.

b. The users would click on your PLA only when they think your product is relevant to them because the listing already shows your product name, image, and price. So it helps you to cut down your advertising cost and increase your ROI because now you will be getting only the targeted audience on your eCommerce store.

#3 Reviews Extensions

A review extension on your Google Adwords ad helps you to showcase the reviews and ratings on your eCommerce store from your existing or past customers.

Major benefits of showing reviews extension with your Adwords ad:

a. Your potential customers get to know about the experience of your past customers.

b. Displaying your past customers’ reviews with your Adwords ad serves as a selling tool for your business. The more positive reviews you have for your company & products, the higher will be the chances of getting more sales for you.

#4 Dynamic Keywords Insertion

For those, who are not aware of Dynamic Keywords Insertion in Google Adwords, let me explain it first.

The dynamic Keywords Insertion method helps you to display the user’s searched keyword within your ad title. For eg. If your potential buyers are searching for a “digital wristwatch” and type this keyword on Google, your ad will be displayed with the title “Digital Wrist Watch”.

How to do this?

Below is an example snippet of creating an ad to show keyword-stuffed titles using Dynamic Keywords Insertion.

dynamic keywords insertion google adwords

In the above example, if the users are searching for the keyword “website developer” or “eCommerce website developer”, headline 1 will be automatically shown to the user as “#1 Website Developer” & “#1 Ecommerce Website Developer” respectively.

#5 Ecommerce Conversion Tracking

Last but not least, you must enable conversion tracking on your eCommerce website.

By installing conversion tracking & setting your goals on your eCommerce website, you can easily fetch important reports that can help you to make necessary decisions for your business. 

 These reports can give you helpful insights on:

  • the products that get more traffic
  • the products that are sold more
  • the products that give you higher revenue
Once you have this information with you, you can make necessary adjustments to improve and grow your eCommerce sales.