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20 Tasks that WooCommerce developers will not charge you for

There are some tasks that can enhance your WooCommerce store’s functionality, aesthetics, and performance. And your WooCommerce developer can do them without any additional charges.

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In this blog, we’ll explore 21 things for which WooCommerce developers often charge nothing, providing you with even more value for your investment.

#1 Initial Consultation:

Experienced WooCommerce developers frequently offer a complimentary initial consultation to discuss your project requirements, goals, and potential solutions. All WooCommerce developers offer free consultation to their clients.

#2 Plugin and Theme Recommendations:

Developers can recommend suitable plugins and themes based on your store’s needs, helping you make informed decisions. Your WooCommerce developer shouldn’t charge you any fee for recommending the best plugins and theme to build your website.

#3 Responsive Design:

Responsive design, ensuring your store looks and functions well across devices, is a common service offered by WooCommerce designers. Having a responsive design is a standard feature that every online store should have. So, don’t expect your web developer to ask for any extra charges for making your website responsive.

#4 Basic Customizations:

Many developers include basic customization, such as adjusting colors, fonts, and layouts, to match your brand’s identity. However, if you want your developer to make complicated customizations for your WooCommerce store, you may have to pay an extra fee.

#5 SEO Optimization:

Developers might assist with basic on-page SEO optimization, helping your products rank better in search engine results. Most WooCommerce developers provide basic on-page SEO like meta tags integration, creating SEO-friendly URLs, etc. without any extra charges.

#6 Performance Optimization:

Improving your store’s speed and performance is often part of the development process to enhance user experience. Therefore, most developers don’t charge any fee for website optimization when you hire them to build your website.

#7 Security Measures:

Setting up security measures and basic firewall configurations to protect your store from potential threats is a standard service. For an eCommerce website, security should be the top priority. Therefore, you shouldn’t pay your WooCommerce developer to secure your online shop.

#8 Google Analytics Integration:

Developers can integrate Google Analytics, providing insights into your store’s performance and customer behavior. They don’t charge any extra fee for this basic web analytic integration.

#9 Social Media Integration:

Linking your store to social media profiles is a common service for enhancing your store’s online presence for which most Singapore developers don’t charge their clients.

#10 Blog Integration:

Adding a blog to your WooCommerce store is often offered to help with content marketing and customer engagement. Most web developers provide blog integration services as a part of their website design package.

#11 Contact Forms:

Developers might assist in setting up contact forms, making it easier for customers to get in touch. This is also a very basic task for which your developer will not charge you any extra fee.

#12 Payment Gateway Integration:

Integrating payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, or others is typically included to enable seamless transactions. Since payment gateway integration is an integral part of any eCommerce website development, your WooCommerce builder shouldn’t charge you any extra fee for this job.

#13 Email Newsletter Integration:

Connecting your store with email marketing platforms helps you capture and nurture leads. Using a CMS like WordPress can help your web developer to integrate a newsletter system in just a few hours. Therefore, most developers don’t charge their clients for this basic service.

#14 Basic Training:

Most WooCommerce developers provide basic training on managing your WooCommerce store, including adding products and fulfilling orders. They don’t charge anything for this basic assistance.

#15 WooCommerce Updates:

Regular updates of the WooCommerce plugin are generally included to keep your store running smoothly. However, this service is provided free of cost only when you hire your developer for the maintenance of your online store.

#16 Bug Fixes:

Fixing minor bugs and issues that arise during and after development is often part of web development services. Don’t pay any additional fee to your developer for providing support or warranty on your WooCommerce store.

#17 Cross-Browser Testing:

Ensuring your store looks and works correctly across various web browsers is a standard practice for which WooCommerce developers in Singapore won’t charge you anything extra.

#18 Theme Setup:

Your WordPress developer can assist in installing and configuring your chosen WooCommerce theme for consistent branding without any additional charge.

#19 Migration Assistance:

If you’re migrating from another platform, WooCommerce developers might help with data transfer and ensure a smooth transition without any extra charge.

#20 Consultation for Future Enhancements:

Developers often offer insights on how to enhance your store in the future, even if it’s beyond the initial scope.

Remember that while these services are commonly offered for free, the level of complexity and customization can vary. It’s essential to communicate your requirements clearly with your developer and discuss the scope of work.

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