Best Plugins to Showcase Portfolio Gallery on WordPress Websites

Singapore WordPress developer

Today I wanted to display the website development portfolio on my “WordPress Web Developer Singapore” page. So, I thought to experiment with some of the great plugins available to show portfolio sliders within the posts or pages.

# Portfolio Slideshow


This is the first plugin that I tried for showcasing my web development portfolio. Quite a nice plugin and provides the option to display the slider in any part of the page/post by using a short code [portfolio_slideshow]. When you use this plugin, you will be required to upload the portfolio images on the post/page itself.

I spent a few minutes before I realized that the option is with every page/post and not in the plugin interface itself. Usually, the slider plugins provide an option to create multiple sets of galleries and their respective shortcodes to be used but when you use this plugin, you have to upload the slides/images on each post.

Alternatively, this plugin can automatically add the images used in any specific post/page so that you don’t need to upload them again however you can remove them and re-upload other images. In other words, this plugin lets you define and use the portfolio slider for each page separately.

This is how it looked when I added two portfolio images from my web development portfolio. I have used this plugin on my WordPress Developer Singapore page because it looks simple yet cool to use according to my website theme.

You may download this plugin from the page


# Portfolio Gallery


This plugin allows you to add multiple projects for each of your portfolio sets. Not only this, but under each portfolio, you can add multiple thumbnail images. This plugin is good if you are into interior decoration or product-based businesses where your customers expect to see your product or services from various dimensions. But the disappointing part is that most of the great features of this plugin are available for use only when you pay for them. Their paid package starts from $40 (as of Nov 2015) and goes up to $100.

# Responsive Portfolio Gallery

This is another plugin that enables you to add multiple galleries and call them in any post/page through their respective shortcodes. This is pretty much the same as the Portfolio Gallery plugin with the difference that you can’t add multiple thumbnails for each project snapshot under the galleries.

You may download this plugin from the page

# Awesome Filterable Portfolio


As the name suggests, this plugin allows you to assign categories to each portfolio image and let the users filter the gallery according to the categories. For eg., if you are a web designer and you want to add categories like CMS, eCommerce, and so on, you can do that very easily. Since this plugin is free to use, it’s very useful for webmasters who want to showcase a good number of portfolio images under each category.

You may download this plugin from the page

# Portfolio


Another simple plugin for displaying a portfolio gallery on your WordPress website. This plugin enables you to add portfolio images, descriptions, dates, URLs & meta titles. A nice plugin to show portfolios in a grid format so that your users can click any of the portfolio images and view their details as well.

You may download this plugin from the page