5 Ways In Which A Singapore Web Designer Can Build An Affordable Website For You

save website cost - web designer in singapore

Do you need a website and looking for an affordable web design quote? 

Perhaps, you may have received several proposals from different web design agencies and web designers in Singapore, but they seem to be very expensive.

save website cost - web designer in singapore

Don’t worry. In this blog post, I will be sharing some of the ways to save on your web design cost.

Here are 5 ways in which a web designer can help you to build your website at an unbelievably low cost:

#1 Using WordPress

Developing a website using WordPress is convenient & affordable. By using WordPress, your web designer can help you to save more than 40% of the total web design cost.


The first reason is because WordPress is free. And secondly, there are plenty of plugins that can be used with a WordPress website to incorporate any feature. You name it, and the WordPress repository has it.

Now, your web designer don’t need to build the features from scratch. He or she can simply use a WordPress plugin and configure or customise it to your requirements, which will save the development time & cost.

So, next time when you need a website, just ask your web designer to choose WordPress.

#2 Using Theme

Again, if you are short on budget, you don’t need to go for a custom web design. You can simply ask your web designer to help you use a nice WordPress theme for your website design.

By using a WordPress theme, you can save more than 20% of your total web development cost.

Another benefit of using a WordPress theme is that you can change it anytime you wish to, without much effort. In the absence of a CMS platform like WordPress, changing a website design could be time-consuming & expensive job.

#3 Using Affordable Web Hosting

Web hosting plays a vital role in the development of a website and at the same time, it can make or break your website. 

Choosing a lousy web hosting provider can give you a long-term pain by causing various problems on your website like slow loading speed, virus infections and spams.

Your web designer can help you to choose a reliable yet affordable web hosting company that can save your money and avoid any possible challenges.

#4 Free Logo Design

Not all the web designer provide free logo design with their web development package. But some of them do.

Therefore, you must ensure that you hire a web designer who provide free logo design too. It will save you another $100-$200

#5 Free Support

Again, not all web designers or web design agencies provide free support after the website development is completed and the website is launched. 

But some web designers in Singapore do provide you with a free support & warranty for at least few months. 

How can free support save your cost? 

In the absence of free support, you may need to pay additional charges to your web designer, in case of any bugs or issues that may arise after the website is launched. 

Therefore, its important to get a service warranty from your web designer in order to save your money. 

We, at Innomedia, provide a free support for first 3 months after the website is completed & launched.

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