6 Ways to improve your adwords campaign performance

We all know that Google Adwords is a great source to get fresh leads for small & medium-sized businesses but at the same time, it requires a lot of effort & practice to get the desired results.

I have heard many webmasters saying that they have spent thousands of dollars on their Google Adwords campaign but they never received the desired return on their investment.

So, if you are also one of them, this blog is for you. In this blog, I have shared 8 great ways to improve the Adwords campaigns to get more leads & sales for your business at optimum cost.


#1 Keywords Research

Sounds pretty obvious but it is definitely one of the crucial elements to work on if you really want to succeed in the game of PPC. Research on the selection of the best keywords may take some time but trust me, it’s worthwhile. During my practice as a PPC Consultant, I have noticed that most marketers fail to select the best, or rather I would say ‘profitable keywords’ for their campaigns. There are lots of free tools available online that you can use to determine the best keywords for your campaign. One of those free keyword research tools is AdWords Keyword Planner which is pretty easy to use as well.

So the first best practice is to gather the relevant keywords for your business and use them. Gradually, you can add/remove more keywords based on the data that you get from the analytics tool.

#2 Organizing Keywords into Campaigns and Ad Groups

Dumping the whole list of keywords in a single campaign or ad group is one of the biggest mistakes that most novice webmasters do. Ideally, you should organize your keywords & use them for relevant campaigns and ad groups.

For eg., if I would need to run a PPC campaign for my services, I may like to have a campaign with the name ‘PPC Singapore’ and further, I can add ad groups like ‘PPC Consultant‘, ‘PPC Expert‘, or ‘PPC Specialist‘ and then I can add the keywords under their respective ad groups.

Again, for eg., my ad group ‘PPC Consultant‘ could have keywords like ‘PPC Consultant Singapore‘, ‘Best PPC Consultant‘, and so on. This practice would help you to organize your data in a proper format. Not only this but using keywords for relevant ad groups and ads, also helps to get optimum cost per click.

#3 Different Ads for Specific Keywords & Ad Groups

While writing the ads for your PPC campaigns, you must make sure that your ad copy must be relevant to the keywords under each ad group.

Following this practice will improve your ad Quality Score and it will also allow the users to click on your ad easily when they see the ad copy which is relevant to their search term. This also helps your keywords to get optimum CTR (Control Through Rate).

#4 Landing Page Optimization

A Landing page plays an important role in the effectiveness of your PPC campaign.No matter how good your ad copy is, if your landing page is not good enough to present the relevant information to the users, you will not get leads for your business. Therefore, you must make sure that 1) your landing page should talk about the same information which you have used for your ad copy & 2). Your landing page must have sufficient and appropriate call-to-action in order to encourage users to contact you or buy your products/services.

#5 Location Targeting

Defining your target location is very important if you provide your services or products to a specific area only otherwise you may end up losing huge money by getting several clicks from the users with whom you can’t work.

#6 Match Types Selection

If you are a novice PPC player, then you must choose the ‘Exact Match’ type for your keywords which will make sure that you don’t lose your money on clicks from irrelevant keyword searches. Although, choosing the ‘Phrase Match’ & ‘Broad Match’ types could be good to get wide exposure for your campaigns but if you are not a PPC expert, then it should be done under the guidance of a PPC consultant.