12 Minor Tweaks Your Web Developer Can Make To Enhance Your SEO

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SEO is vital for any website to get relevant traffic to it. There are many things that a web developer can do to optimize your website for SEO.

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In this blog post, I have shared a few minor yet effective tweaks that your developer can do to make your website SEO-friendly.

Let’s start!

1. Optimizing Page Titles

Your web developer can ensure that each page of your site has appropriate title tags. This process will not only enhance your search engine rankings but will also entice users to click through.

2. Refining Meta Descriptions

Refining descriptions for each page is imperative. These concise summaries should accurately reflect the content of the page while utilizing keywords to attract both search engines and users.

3. Optimizing Header Tags;

Optimizing header tags (H1, H2, H3, etc.) assist in structuring your content for search engines. Your web developer can strategically utilize these tags to emphasize points and incorporate keywords.

4. Speeding Up The Website;

Optimizing a website for loading time is a complex yet impactful SEO adjustment. To do this, your web designer or developer can optimize the loading speed of your website by implementing a few effective strategies like Caching, Zip Compression, etc.

5. Schema Markup

By implementing schema markup, search engines can better understand the content on your pages. Your web developer can add schema markup for types of content like articles, reviews, and events which will enhance the display of snippets in search results.

6. Internal Linking

Creating a linking structure helps distribute link equity and makes navigation easier for both users and search engines. Your web developer can improve the interlinking strategy to boost the overall SEO of your website.

7. Fixing Broken Links

Broken links can affect your website’s SEO badly. However, your web developer can regularly scan your website for any broken link(s) and fix them immediately when found. This practice, when done regularly, can improve and maintain the SEO of your website.

8. Implementing 301 Redirects

When content is updated or there are changes in page locations it is crucial to implement 301 redirects to preserve the SEO value of your website. Your web developer can ensure that any modifications made to your site structure are accompanied by redirects.

9. Enhancing Page Loading Speed

The speed at which your website loads plays a role in SEO. By utilizing techniques such as browser caching minimizing HTTP requests and optimizing code your web designer can improve the loading speed of your site.

10. Optimizing for Mobile Friendliness

Given the increasing number of users accessing websites on devices, it is essential to have a mobile site. To make your website intuitive, your website creator can optimize both the design and functionality of your website providing an experience for users.

11. Improving XML Sitemap Structure

Your web developer can also create the XML sitemap and make sure that it encompasses all pages and is consistently kept up to date.

12. Web Analytic

It is highly important to have tools in place for monitoring and reporting on SEO performance. Seek the assistance of a professional web developer who can integrate analytics tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console to keep track of metrics, identify areas that need improvement, and make decisions based on data.

To sum it up these 12 small yet effective adjustments, when implemented by your web developer can significantly impact the SEO performance of your website.

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Will your developer charge extra for making these minor SEO adjustments?

The decision to charge extra for SEO adjustments may vary depending on the agreement, between the client and the developer. If the website design quotation explicitly covers on-page SEO implementation, it is reasonable to expect these adjustments to be included in the package. 

However, if the agreement primarily focuses on website design and development additional SEO work may understandably come with charges.

Both clients and developers should openly communicate their expectations regarding on-page SEO adjustments while finalizing the website quotation. Establishing clarity from the beginning helps prevent misunderstandings and ensures that both parties are on the same page.

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