Maintain Your WordPress Website: What All You Can Do

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In this blog post, I’ve shared some of the basic WordPress tasks that you can manage yourself without hiring a web developer; however, this post will also cover some of the situations in which you will need to hire a professional WordPress developer.

Web Design, Mobile App Development, & Online Advertising in Singapore.
Let’s start!

1. Content management

WordPress CMS is very well-known for ease of content management. Every website owner must know how to manage the content (texts, images, etc. ) on their websites. They don’t need to hire a web developer and pay for making content changes to their websites.

2. Basic plugins installation

If you own a WordPress website and don’t know website programming or coding, you can still add basic features to your website by simply installing & activating appropriate plugins. There are dozens of useful plugins (free and paid) that you can make use of to enhance your website’s features. To install basic plugins on your website, you don’t need to hire a web developer.

3. Basic SEO (on-page)

All the basic on-page SEO tasks can be handled by website owners even if they don’t know how to build a website. Below are some of the basic yet effective on-page SEO tasks that even a layman webmaster can do:- Writing SEO-friendly meta title and description- Interlinking among webpages – Adding alt tags information for every image on the website- Writing and publishing SEO-friendly content on the website

4. Managing website menus

The management of links or menus on a WordPress website is a breeze. You can easily add, remove, or edit any of the menus on your website. It’s as easy as a drag-and-drop process.

5. Updating WordPress core

Every WordPress website must be updated regularly to its latest core version. Updating the WordPress core of a website will ensure its security & performance. The good thing is that even a non-technical website owner can update WordPress core by simply clicking one link on the website that they can see at the dashboard of their website.

6. Basic theme customization

Most professional WordPress themes come with different options to customize its look and feel. These options may include managing the colors, social media links, header/footer structure, and so on. If your WordPress theme provides you with an option to change the look and feel of your website, you don’t have to hire & pay a WordPress to make small changes to the site.

Tasks for which hiring a website developer is required

#1 Advanced theme customization

If you need advanced theme customization such as changing the overall look of your website or changing the default structure of your theme, then you definitely need to seek services of a professional & experienced WordPress builder. This is because only an experienced WordPress developer can make code-related changes to the theme of a website.

#2 Troubleshooting

If your WordPress website is showing errors or warnings, you shouldn’t attempt to troubleshoot on your own if you don’t possess the required well development skills. This may make things worse. So, it’s advisable to always hire a professional web developer to troubleshoot and fix errors on your WordPress website.

#3 Website performance optimization

If your website is loading slow or not working as it should, you may need to optimize the performance of your site. To diagnose and enhance the performance of your website, you need to hire an experienced WordPress developer. There could be several reasons behind the lack of performance of a WordPress website. Diagnosing the exact issue and fixing it requires experience & development knowledge. It is, therefore, recommended in this case to hire a reliable website developer.

#4 Plugin customization 

Not all the plugins will come with the exact feature that you need according to your business requirements. Thus, you may be required to customize the plugin to modify or enhance its functionality to match your needs. Hiring a professional WordPress would be a great idea if you want to customize the plugins of your website.