7 Ways to save your WordPress website maintenance costs

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Do you want to save your WordPress website maintenance costs?

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Here are some pro tips for you to follow and save your maintenance costs:

Learn WordPress CMS

The first step toward saving your website maintenance costs is to learn the WordPress CMS. You must know how to make minor changes to your website now and then. Otherwise, you may end up paying charges to your web designer for making minor tweaks to your website.

Take regular backups

Another way to save your WordPress maintenance cost is by taking regular backups. It’s because you then be able to restore your website quickly in case of any disruption on your website that may be caused by any plugin, server, or any other source.

You should take your website’s backup regularly. It would be every month or even every week if you keep changing the information on your website regularly. While building your website, you must ask your WordPress developer to install a backup plugin on your website.

Keep an eye on plugins

To maintain your WordPress website regularly, you must keep checking all the important plugin(s) for their regular update/upgrade/replacement. When you notice any of your website’s plugin(s) requires an update, you must do it.

If any of your website’s plugins are not performing well or causing your website to malfunction, you will need to replace them. If you aren’t sure about updating or replacing a faulty plugin, seek your web developer’s assistance.

Keep an eye on the theme

Similar to checking the health of your plugins, you must also make sure that the version of your WordPress theme is up to date. If your website’s theme requires an update, you must do that. But make sure that you have a fully functional backup of your website with you.

In some cases, when an update is made in the theme’s version, it’s likely to affect the overall design of the website. Therefore, you must backup your website first just in case you need it to restore your website. Again, if you are unsure about this process, you must hire a professional WordPress developer to update your website’s theme.

Keep in touch with your web developer

Your web developer plays a vital role in the success of your online business. You need to keep in touch with your web designer. 

Also, it’s crucial to hire reliable web developers and designers who can work with you in the long term and can provide you with the best & reliable support when you need it.

Before taking any major action in the process of updating or maintaining your WordPress website, it’s always good to seek suggestions or advice from your web developer. If you don’t have time or enough technical skills to manage your website on your own, get associated with a web developer who can take care of your website either on an ad hoc basis or monthly maintenance basis. 

Whenever you notice any unusual activity or warnings/errors on your website, don’t ignore them. Instead, get in touch with your website developer to resolve them as soon as possible. It can save you hefty website overhauling or maintenance costs.

Subscribing to an affordable host

Subscribing to an affordable yet reliable web hosting company can also help you save your website maintenance costs. Not all the good things come at a high price. The same applies to web hosting. Many reliable web hosting companies offer affordable shared servers at an amazingly low cost. Some of these companies are Godaddy, HostGator, and InterServer.

You can also rely on the expertise of your web developer. They can also recommend some of the best & reliable web hosting companies that you can host your website with. Since the web developers work with different hosting companies for their different clients, they can suggest the best one according to your budget and preferences.

Keep an eye on the site’s performance

One of the best ways to save your website maintenance costs is to regularly check its performance. Don’t wait for the website to stop working because in this case, you may have to overhaul your website which may involve a lot of effort & cost. Instead, whenever you find any minor or major issues on your website, take action to resolve them. 

Some of the most common issues that you should look out for are below:

  • Slow loading speed
  • Broken links
  • Responsive issues
  • Browser compatibility issues
  • Design/CSS off issue
  • Warning codes printed on the web pages