Why WooCommerce is Good for eCommerce Startups in Singapore

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Are you starting an eCommerce business in Singapore? Great! Did you know that building a professional website is one of the major strategies for running a successful eCommerce business? 

But as a startup or a small business in Singapore, you may want to invest wisely in your eCommerce website development. Perhaps, you may have a limited budget for creating a professinal eCommerce store. So, what’s the solution here?

e commerce website blog

Usually, I recommend my clients who are just starting out or running a small business in Singapore, to choose WooCommerce for their online store development. Why?

In this blog post, I’ve shared a few benefits that eCommerce startups or small businesses in Singapore get when they use WooCommerce.

#1 Ease of set up

One of the major benefits of WooCommerce for small eCommerce businesses is that it’s easy to set up. A professional WordPress developer can build a fully functional eCommerce website using WooCommerce in as short as a few days’ time. 

Usually, small businesses & startups don’t want to waste their time & money in developing their websites because for them time is crucial. Here comes the aid of WordPress CMS. This is why most eCommerce developers would recommend their small business clients to go with WordPress to build their online stores quickly & affordably.

#2 Low-cost themes and plugins

Setting up & customizing the design of a WooCommerce website  requires a theme. And adding, enhancing, & customizing the features of a WordPress store requires a few plugins. The good news is that WooCommerce/WordPress themes & plugins are available to use at a much more affordable price. 

A professional WooCommerce theme for your eCommerce website will not cost you more than SGD 100. For a plugin, you may have to pay between SGD 30 and SGD 100. However, most WordPress plugins come free of cost to use and are chargeable only to unlock advanced features. For instance, “All in One WP Security”, a WordPress plugin to enhance the security of a WooCommerce store is available to use free of cost. This makes WooCommerce a favorite choice for eCommerce startups & small businesses in Singapore.

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#3 Availability of affordable developers

Another benefit that comes with WooCommerce for startups & small businesses in Singapore is the ease of finding & hiring a web developer. Most WordPress developers in Singapore charge as low as SGD 20 per hour to create a website or make modifications to a website.

A professional WordPress developer can create an eCommerce site using a WooCommerce plugin for as low as $3000.

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#4 Ease of maintenance

It’s not that only the WooCommerce development cost is affordable, maintaining a WooCommerce website is also easy and requires no huge expenses, even when you hire a developer to do that. Most startups & small businesses like to take control of their websites so that they can make minor changes to their sites themselves, without hiring and paying a web developer to do that. With just a few hours of learning, even a novice webmaster can start managing important areas of their online store such as product management, discount management, content management, etc.

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#5 Ease of redesign

There comes a phase for every website to be redesigned after a few years. Paying a huge amount of money to redesign their websites is very difficult for small businesses & startups. But WordPress makes the redesign process easier and more affordable. In the case of WordPress-based eCommerce websites (using WooCommerce), it just requires changing & customizing the theme of the website to redesign it with a better & modern look.

#6 Not less than other CMSs

With several great benefits that come with a WordPress eCommerce website (using WooCommerce), it doesn’t mean that WordPress is less than any other paid CMS. Contrary to that, WordPress is considered one of the most robust & reliable CMS platforms to build eCommerce websites. Whether you compare it with OpenCart, Shopify, or Joomla, WordPress is still the favourite of many webmasters and web developers in Singapore.

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