Affordable Web Hosting & Domain Registration Starting $0.99 Only

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Web hosting plays an important role in the success of any online business. At the same time, reliable web hosting helps a website to remain healthy.

It even becomes more critical to have reliable web hosting if you run an eCommerce website.


Simply because your business relies on your website and your website, to a large extent, depends on web hosting quality & performance.

So, what’s the solution here?

How to find an affordable yet reliable web hosting company for your website?

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In this blog, I am going to share my experience with one of the most reliable yet affordable web hosting companies 1&1. I recently came across this web hosting company that offers not only cheap domains and web hosting packages but provides great support too.

I agree that most of the cheap products aren’t reliable and the same could be the case with website hosting too. But as a web consultant in Singapore, I can definitely recommend 1&1 to my customers who wish to have affordable & best web hosting services.

INOS website hosting

What do I like about this web hosting company?

#1 They offer domains at just $0.99 for 1st year

For most startups and small businesses, investing money in website hosting could be a big challenge. Therefore, it is recommended that they have a budget web hosting solution and invest money in their website development, instead.

#2 Affordable web hosting packages at just $0.99 per month for 1st year

This is again one of the major advantages to subscribe with a web hosting package with 1&1 which offers a web hosting package for just $0.99 per month for 1st year. After one year also, you will get the best price of $7.99 per month. If you do a little research, you will find most of the web hosting companies sell their basic web hosting package starting from $100 or more.

#3 They have great support

Not only affordable web hosting and domain charges, but 1&1 also provides great support. No matter whether it’s day or night, 1&1 web hosting company is just a call away. If you’ve got any problems, just get in touch with their support team and they will help you out at their best.

#4 High-performance servers

You can rely on their servers because they provide high-performance servers and have minimum downtime. This simply means that your website will be up and running always.

INOS website hosting

What do I get if I refer the services to you?

Yes, I do get a nominal incentive when I promote their services but believe me, it’s not just about money but about helping my customers and website visitors to get an affordable yet reliable web hosting & domain package.

As I mentioned already, I would highly recommend startup companies go with these economical web hosting and domain plans to save some money during the infancy stage of your business.

What do I provide in return?

If you subscribe to the 1&1 web hosting company through my website, I will provide you with free one-time deployment services. In other words, if you need my help to deploy your new or existing website to a 1&1 server, I will do it for you without any charges.