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4 Reasons to maintain your website & 5 ways to maintain your website

You take care of everything that you own. Be it your car, house or body, you do all that it takes to maintain them. Correct?

In the same way if your business relies on your website, you must maintain it regularly too. If you don’t have time to maintain your website yourself, you can consider hiring a web developer to do it.

Why should you maintain your website regularly?

4 major reasons to maintain your website

Prevent viruses & malicious attacks

Regular website maintenance helps the website to get protection from malicious attacks.

Updated content

Website maintenance ensures that your potential customers or website audience always see updated content.

Loading speed

Regular website maintenance helps to keep the server clean and free from redundant large files.


High rankings on search engines

Search engines love websites that keep their content fresh and updated.

How should you maintain your website?

#1 Always backup your website

The first and most important step in maintaining a website is to secure its latest backup.

There could be some unforeseen disasters on your server that can cause some or all of your files to ger corrupted or crashed.

To overcome such situations, you must have the latest backup of your website with you so that you can reinstate it immediately and make the website running back to normal.

The backups can be taken from the control panel of your website however if your website has been developed using some open source CMS like WordPress, then you can install useful plugins like to backup your website and restore it when required.

#2 Do housekeeping of large files

During the course of adding new information on the website, we sometimes forget to delete or remove the unused files that occupy large space on our server.

The redundant files on the server cause not only additional storage issues but also sometimes become the root cause of virus and malicious codes attack.

The redundant files are prone to several types of viruse attacks.

#3 Ensure software upgrade

With the ever-changing web technologies, it’s important to upgrade the software on which the website has been built.

In other words, always make sure that your website always run in the latest version of its development software.

Outdated software version also gets easily hacked or attached by the harmful bots. Therefore, upgrading the software is also a crucial part of any website maintenance plan.

Sure, you may need to hire a web developer or web development company to upgrade your website software, but believe me, this investment is worth it.

#4 Update website content regularly

Your website is the virtual face of your business and therefore it’s imperative to always have correct information there.

If your website contains outdated information like below, it leaves a bad impression in the mind of your users.

a. Old contact details of your company

b. Mentioning of previous Manager or CEO’s name

c. Mentioning of obsolete products, services or technology

#5 Be proactive in sharing

Sharing is a new way of showing that you care for your users and you are one of the authorities in your niche.

In order to run a successful business, just web development is not enough. You must keep writing useful and nice information for your website and share those information with your audience.

It helps you to gain credibility and stay ahead of your competition. It also helps in ranking your website on prominent positions of search engines because search engines like Google love fresh and informative content on websites.

This is one of the reasons that we always make sure to include a news or blog section in all the websites that we develop.