WordPress vs Joomla vs Drupal

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Using CMS (content management systems) for website development has become a preferred choice for both web developers and webmasters because of their simplicity and the fact that CMS-based websites make it a lot easier for people with no web design experience to make minor changes to the website. These changes could be adding blog posts, uploading new images, or making small edits to the key web pages.

But, the major challenge is to decide upon the suitable CMS to build a website. Some web designers prefer WordPress and others suggest Joomla or Drupal. In this blog post, I am going to share an unbiased comparison of three major CMS i.e. WordPress vs Joomla vs Drupal.

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Let’s compare them on 4 parameters.

#1 Installation

When we talk about installation, all the CMS are pretty easy to install however WordPress is the only one that takes less than 5 minutes. Not only this but WordPress installation can be done by a non-website expert too. In the case of Joomla and Drupal, it takes comparatively longer to install and you may need to know a few technical jargons to finish the installation successfully.

#2 Themes

Although there are several free and paid themes available for each CMS (WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal) however WordPress has the upper hand in the case of an abundance of themes as well. Being the most popular CMS, there are thousands of themes available for every kind of website to install. In the case of Joomla and Drupal, the number of available themes is not even closer to WordPress.

#3 Support

Again, WordPress has a huge community of developers and contributors who are available to resolve problems. Not only this, but WordPress developers are also available in abundance and you can hire them at an affordable cost too. Joomla and Drupal developers charge a bit higher as compared to WordPress developers.

Website design & development is not a one-time task. You always need to add more features to your website for which you will certainly need skilled web developers but at the same, you have to take care of your budget too. A WordPress developer can easily accommodate your new requirements on your existing WordPress website without making a hole in your pocket.

#4 Security

Speaking of security, both WordPress and Joomla have plenty of security plugins and components respectively. Moreover, both of these CMS actively respond to any security vulnerability and are prompt to patch it up. Other than these security measures, website security is, up to a large extent, dependent on webmasters or web developers. The website owner just needs to make sure that sufficient security measures have been taken on the website to protect it against attacks.

In the case of Drupal, security is being handled in a different way because they publish security vulnerabilities on their own site as they are discovered and patched. In my experience with both WordPress and Drupal, I’ve always noticed that Drupal is secured even with few security steps being taken however in the case of WordPress, one needs to make sure that security problem is being tackled appropriately.

Considering the fact that WordPress has more benefits than Joomla and Drupal, there is no doubt that you must choose it as your next web design CMS.