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WordPress Vs Drupal – Which One Is Good For Your Website Development

When we talk about Content Management System (CMS) platforms, WordPress and Drupal are two of the most widely used.

But the question is “Which CMS is best for your website development?“.

Well, choosing an appropriate CMS platform that’s right for your business depends on your short and long-term goals.

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In this blog post, I will be sharing the major differences between WordPress & Drupal along with the reasons of both the CMS platforms.

Below are the primary differentiators between WordPress and Drupal that you may consider before choosing any one of them:

#1 Price

WordPress: Choosing WordPress for your website development could a cost-effective decision for you. WordPress is an open source that’s available free of cost to download and use for development of any website.

At the same time, there is a wealth of WordPress developers that are available to help you in deployment & customization of your WordPress website.

In simpler words, you can hire WordPress developers at pocket-friendly costs and without making a hole in your pocket.

Drupal: While its true for Drupal too, that it’s available free of cost to download & use for developing a website, but it also holds truth that hiring a Drupal developer is not as easy as engaging a WordPress developer.

Drupal, being a complex framework, requires skilled & experienced web developers to make customizations in its theme and modules. In case of WordPress, any web developer who’ve got an experience of more than 1 year can easily build & maintain your website.


If you have a low budget for your website development, you must choose WordPress.

#2 Flexibility/Customizations

Technically speaking, both WordPress & Drupal offers great level of customizations.

Statistics reveal that WordPress has more themes and plugins as compared to Drupal which means extending functionalities of a WordPress website is much easier than that of Drupal. 

In case of Drupal, on the other hand, much of the functionality needed to customize the platform, is already built into the main themes, eliminating the need to rely heavily on third party plugins.

While there’s not plenty of modules (known as plugins in case of WordPress) available for Drupal, all of their available modules can be customized and tailer-made according to any specific requirement.

Having said this, extending a WordPress website functionality requires 3rd party plugins that can easily be integrated with the existing website and make them working. However in case of Drupal, you need to hire experienced web developers who’ve got rich experience in custom web development.

#2 Security

Fundamentally, both WordPress and Drupal are made to be equally secure as CMS solutions. But since WordPress requires 3rd party plugins in order to extend the functionality of a website, it tends to be less secured and therefore, Drupal wins the battle here.

Each time a 3rd party plugin (especially less secured plugins) is integrated with the WordPress website, it makes the website vulnerable to the malicious codes and virus injections.

Let me clear here that, it’s not the core of WordPress that is at the core of the problem. Be it any platform,Therefore, if proper security measures aren’t taken, any site on any platform can be vulnerable.

Generally, it’s because of the web developers’ habits and mistakes that make WordPress less secured as compared to Drupal. Therefore, you must always ensure that you hire an experienced WordPress developer to build your website.


#4 Learning Curve

The learning curve for WordPress vs. Drupal is significantly different.

WordPress is generally something any beginner can pick up quickly, while Drupal is a bit more complicated and requires higher level of custom coding skills.

The process of setting up a basic WordPress website is extremely intuitive & user-friendly that even a non-programmer can also build a website without having any programming skills.

On the other hand, Drupal requires advance technical skills to get a website up and running, thus making it extremely difficult for novice developers to do the same job.

Which Platform You Must Choose?

Do you need an affordable website development?  Go for WordPress

Do you want to build a website quickly?  Go for WordPress

Are you not a programmer but want to build & maintain your website yourself?  Go for WordPress

Are you looking for a Robust and Complex Solution? → Go for Drupal

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