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WordPress Latest Trends for Budget Web Design

In the pursuit of excellence in having a great yet budget web design using WordPress, you can still beat your competition with the latest trends in WordPress.In this blog post, I will be talking about the implementation of trendy elements/features on your WordPress websites. Whether you are a WordPress expert or still learning WordPress, this blog is definitely for you.


WordPress Trend #1: Responsive Web Design

Since device users have been seemingly increasing in the last few years and Google has made it mandatory for a website to be responsive in order to achieve higher rankings, having a responsive website is no more an option. Rather it has become a necessity.

WordPress Trend #2: Flat Designs

Gone are the days of 3D designs for websites to look attractive. Now, users want to absorb the information in a clearer way, and here emerges the necessity of having flat designs. This is even good if you want your web designer to build a budget web design because there are plenty of free themes available in the WordPress directory that offer flat layout designs.

WordPress Trend #3: Pinterest Style

With its attractive look and great rendering structure, the Pinterest layout has become a preferred choice for most webmasters to showcase their blogs or news.No need to worry for you. Even if you are learning WordPress and still in the beginner’s phase, there are several plugins available that can help you to organize your blog posts or news in Pinterest Style.

WordPress Trend #4: Large Moving Backgrounds

With the ability of JQuery to produce advanced animations, now you will see lots of websites having moving backgrounds on the header or main body of the website. Without using Flash, you will be able to incorporate moving backgrounds with the help of great plugins available in the WordPress directory.

WordPress Trend #5: Ghost Buttons

You must have seen transparent buttons with thin borders which appear mostly on the headers or background images. Those buttons are called Ghost buttons. You can implement ghost buttons in your WordPress website. These buttons are available in many colors and sizes to suit your WordPress web design.

WordPress Trend #6: Large Typography

Due to their better clarity, lots of users prefer to see websites with larger typography these days. You can find many themes in the WordPress directory that has web design with large,super-large typography.

WordPress Trend #7: Website Loading Speed

Similar to responsive web design, having an optimized website loading speed is no more optional now. Since Google has announced officially that they will consider the loading speed of a website in order to consider its search engine ranking positions, there is no second thought should you optimize your website’s loading speed or not.