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WooCommerce plugins to get more traffic, more sales, & better user-experience

If you want to increase sales on your WooCommerce website, you need to make use of several great plugins to get:

  • More traffic
  • More sales
  • Better user-experience
  • Low bounce rate

In this blog post, I have shared a few important & useful plugins that you can integrate with your WooCommerce website, enhance its performance and grow your sales.

#1 Yoast SEO

yoast seo for WordPress web design

One of the best ways to increase sales is to be found more easily.

With SEO, you can make sure that your eCommerce website is found by people when they search for products like the ones you offer.

Yoast SEO is an SEO plugin that helps you to optimize your site for search engines.

It’s an essential tool for improving your search engine rankings, but it has another benefit: it helps increase your sales.

Yoast SEO also helps you to write better product descriptions that will appeal to search engine crawlers and your customers.

With the Yoast SEO plugin, you can change the title and the meta description of your products and other webpages.

#2 Google Analytics

google analytics for WordPress websites

Google Analytics is a fantastic tool that is free to use for everyone.

You just need to go to the Google website and create an account.

Google Analytics is a free plugin that you can install on your WordPress website and it gives you a lot of useful information about your audience.

It’ll tell you how many people are visiting your site, where they’re coming from, what they’re doing on your site, and more.

Google Analytics is a great way to track your traffic and your users.

The plugin gives you a lot of great analytics that give you a lot of insight into your traffic.

If you need assistance, you can hire a WordPress developer in Singapore to integrate this plugin for you. 

#3 Live Chat

web design Singapore

Live chat is a great tool for building relationships with customers and for building trust.

There’s nothing more powerful than a real person on the other end of a chat window who has the power to solve problems or answer questions for people in real-time.

Why should you use Live chat on your WooCommerce website?

  • Live chat has been proven to increase conversions on e-commerce websites.
  • It has been shown to reduce shopping cart abandonment by up to 70%. In fact, live chat is the most effective way for e-commerce stores to reduce cart abandonment.
  • Live chat is a great way to engage with your website visitors and to help them get the most out of your site.
  • Live chat is a great way to help customers get answers to questions they might have about your products or services, and it can also be used to help them find the right product for them.
  • Live chat is a great way to improve the user experience on your e-store.

To customize the plugins, you can consider hiring a WooCommerce developer in Singapore.

#4 Beeketing

beeketing marketing automation woocommerce web design

Beeketing is a free plugin that helps e-commerce store owners to convert more visitors into customers. 

It helps store owners in building new customer base, improve email marketing, and increase social media interaction.

One of the best features of Beeketing is that it allows you to collect email addresses from your customers, which is a great way to grow your email subscriber list.

#5 Booster

booster wordpress plugin woocommerce web design

If you want to make more money from your eCommerce store, the best thing you can do is to make your customers happy while giving them a great experience. That’s where the Booster plugin can help you. 

Booster is a free WooCommerce plugin that allows you to increase your sales by making it easier for customers to purchase your products.

Booster allows you to promote your WooCommerce products on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.  Boosting your WooCommerce products on social media will help you sell more.

Booster allows you to create coupons on the fly by using some basic conditional logic.

#6 WC Total Cache

w3 total cache for WordPress web design

W3 Total Cache is a free plugin that can speed up your WordPress website by a lot. It has a lot of different features that you can use to cache your website so that you can load a lot faster.

It’s is a great WordPress plugin that improves the performance of a WordPress-powered website by caching pages, posts, comments, and custom post types for faster delivery. It will also minify HTML, JavaScript, and CSS resources and layers them.

In other words, W3 Total Cache is a WordPress plugin that allows you to cache your content for faster page load times, decrease bandwidth usage, and generally make your site run faster.

For the advanced configuration, you can consult your Singapore web developer.

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