Why Website Redesign & 7 Reasons to Choose WordPress For Your Website Redesign

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Not happy with your existing website? Do you feel that your website is not as perfect as your competitors’ websites?

Feel frustrated when you can’t change even a single line or a word on your website without the help of your web developer?

Perhaps you want to redesign your existing website but are not sure which CMS you should choose.

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No problem! I am here to help you.

Before we dive into the benefits of WordPress for your website redesign, let’s look into the circumstances when you must get your website redesigned.

You must consider redesigning your existing website:

Case 1: When you are not able to manage the content of your website

Your previous web developer may not have used a reliable CMS to develop your website due to which you are not able to manage the content of your website. 

Perhaps, there could be a high chance that your website has not been developed using any CMS. In other words, your existing website is a static website.

Case 2: When you can’t view your website properly on smart devices like mobiles & tablets

There could be 2 reasons why your website doesn’t have a mobile responsive design. 

First, your website was developed a decade ago and you never redesigned it after that and second case could be that your web developer never built your website with a responsive design.

In both cases, you must consider redesigning your website immediately. 

Needless to mention here that most internet surfers use their mobile devices to search for their desired information, services, or products.

Case 3: When your website takes longer time to download

It’s again a sign which shows that you must get your website redesigned. 

The technology, plugins, or modules of your existing website may have become obsolete and thereby, making your website slower to load.

Case 4: When you don’t get any traffic on your website

If your website loads slowly and doesn’t have a responsive website design, there is a high chance that search engines will never rank your website on its search result pages.

Case 5:When you do get traffic but no conversions from your website

You may be advertising your services on Google or Facebook and getting a lot of traffic to your website but with low or no conversions at all. 

This is a significant alert for you that you must redesign your website otherwise you may end up losing your money on advertising.

Now that we know the situations in which you must consider redesigning your existing website, let’s talk about the best CMS that you must choose for your website development.

WordPress is the answer.

why wordpress for website development

Yes, WordPress is one of the most popular and reliable CMS available on the planet today.

Here are 7 reasons for you to choose WordPress for your website redesign:

#1 WordPress is Free

The most favorite reason of all the webmasters who have been using WordPress for their website development is that it’s free to use.

Yes, you don’t need to pay monthly or annual charges to use WordPress.

#2 WordPress is Easy to Use

Again, if you ask any website owner or webmaster to switch over from WordPress to another CMS, you will definitely hear ‘No’ from them.

Why is it so?

Because WordPress is easy to use. Even a layman can understand and start managing a WordPress website in just a few days. All it takes is a short training.

Not only webmasters, but web developers also love WordPress because of its easy-to-use framework.

#3 WordPress Developers Are Available At Affordable Cost

Finding a WordPress developer is not a difficult job. You can find plenty of web developers who work on WordPress CMS.

Due to this reason, you will always get affordable pricing when you hire a WordPress developer.

#4 WordPress is Good For SEO

Due to its framework and SEO-friendly permalinks, WordPress websites are loved by search engines.

If developed & populated correctly, a WordPress website can easily rank in significant positions in search engines for profitable keywords.

#5 WordPress Themes Are Responsive

Most WordPress themes are available with responsive web design. In other words, when you choose WordPress for your website development, you will get a website that is responsive on all smart devices like mobiles & tablets

Not only this, but you will also find that there are plenty of great WordPress themes that are available either free of cost or less than $100.

#6 WordPress Plugins Are Free

Yes, you read it right. Most of the WordPress plugins are free and if they are paid, at all, you can buy them at an affordable price too. Now you know why WordPress websites are affordable.

#7 WordPress is Secured

Some of you may not agree with me, but it’s true. By following some security norms and using security WordPress plugins, your web developer can really build a solid & secure website for you.

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