Why most web developers use WordPress for website development

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When it comes to website development, WordPress is the #1 choice for most developers.

If you have ever considered hiring a website developer, you must have received a quotation from them to build your site using WordPress CMS.

wordpress developers in Singapore

But why is it so that all web developers prefer to create a website using WordPress?

In this blog post, I have shared a few major reasons for the love that WordPress CMS gets from web developers.

#1 WordPress is easy to customize

This is perhaps the most important reason why most web developers like to use WordPress to create a site.

The WordPress CMS allows web developers to customize the codes of the plugins and match the features to the requirements of the businesses.

This is possible because WordPress and its supporting plugins are based on an open-source architecture which means anyone who knows PHP coding, can customize the codes of a WordPress plugin or a theme.

#2 Plugins do the job

Creating a feature from the scratch can be a tedious job and can take a few days or even weeks. 

But with the help of a plugin, your WordPress developer can easily install & activate any feature to your site.

Today even if you need a complicated website like a social media platform, there are many WordPress plugins that your web developer can use and create a comprehensive portal for you in just a few days or weeks.

What’s more.

Most of these plugins are either free of cost or available to purchase at a nominal cost.

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#3 Less design work is involved

Building a website using WordPress CMS also takes away the web design complications. 

There are several free & paid WordPress themes that are available for your web developer to use or customize.

In the earlier days of custom coding, the web developers had to work in association with the designers to integrate each and every block or page’s design through their codes. 

But that’s not the case now. The WordPress themes do the heavy lifting for web developers.

#4 Maintenance is easier

It’s not only the website development but maintaining a WordPress website is also easier than any other platform(s). 

Even if you are a layman and don’t possess any technical skills, you will still be able to familiarise yourself with the WordPress backend and make the necessary changes yourself.

But how does it help the website developers?

During the time of handover of the website, the WordPress developers don’t have to put much effort to help their clients learn about website management. 

In my experience, it takes just one or two sessions (of 1 hour each) for the non-technical webmasters or website owners to learn WordPress website management.

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#5 Redesigning is easier

For a website developer, redesigning a website can be a nightmare. But WordPress makes it easier too.

For redesigning a WordPress website, all that a website developer has to do is switch over the theme and make the necessary customizations in the theme’s files. 

In some of the cases, the redesigning can be done in just a day or two while in some cases, it can take 1 week or 2 to redesign a website.

But in the case of a hard-coded website or any other CMS platform, it may take a month or more to revamp the website.

The ease to redesign a website is perhaps among the major reasons why most website developers prefer WordPress to create websites.

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#6 Website handover is easier

As previously mentioned, with the WordPress CMS, it becomes even easier for the developers to process the website handover to their clients efficiently. 

In case of WordPress websites, the WordPress developers don’t have to make lengthy manuals to provide a training or instruction manual to their clients. They can simply make a master manual for any of the WordPress websites and follow it for other websites also, by simply making some changes to it.

Other than the website manual, the handover may also include sharing the theme’s license number, Google Analytics login credentials, etc.

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Building a website using WordPress CMS helps not only the webmasters to manage their website content easily, but the website developers also get benefited from the ease of development, redesign, maintenance, and bug fixing.

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