Why Google Analytics Is An Important Part Of WordPress Web Development

google analytics for wordpress website development

When it comes to successful website development, web analytic integration is one of the most essential part of it.

Why web analytic is important for any website?

A web analytic helps webmasters & web developers to understand the audience behaviour and thereby making necessary enhancements to the website in order to serve their users in a better way.

google analytics wordpress website development

How about Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is perhaps the best & most importantly free web analytic tool available in the market today.

If you too have a WordPress website, you can easily integrate Google Analytics and use it for improving your search engine performance & above all user-experience.

How Google Analytics can help you?

When you install Google Analytics for WordPress, you will be able able to view below statistics from your website.


pages view google analytics wordpress website development

This metric will show you the total number of times your webpages have been viewed by your users. You can also see which posts or pages got more views.

Pages will help you to determine the most popular pages on your website so that you can improve them or optimize them in order to get more leads & conversions.

Bounce Rate

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Through this metric, you will be able to view how many users hit back button after they land on your website’s first page only. 

In other words, if your website has higher bounce rate, you need to take some action because it simply means that your website is not liked by most of your users.

If you find high bounce rate for your WordPress website, you can consider hiring a web developer in order to redesign your existing website. You may also try to optimize the loading speed of your WordPress website because most slow loading websites usually get higher bounce rate.

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Single Session Users

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This data will help you discover how many pages were visited by single sessions or users. In other words, Pages Per Session will reveal the fact whether the users like to or are able to visit other pages of your website through internal links or not.

For instance, if you find that “Single Session Users” is low on your WordPress website, you may think about creating an effective internal linking strategy because the more number of pages a visitor view, more conversions & sales are likely to happen.

Average Time On Page

average time google analytics wordpress website development

How much time each visitor spends on your website or how much average time users spend on your website, can be derived from “Average Time On Page” data using Google Analytics.

Again, this information is too critical for your website’s success. Because if the¬†Average Time On Page¬†data of your WordPress website is too, you need to think about it seriously. In other words, you really need to work out with your WordPress developer to make your website more engaging and increasing the time users spend on your webpages.

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Adwords Campaign

google adwrods consultancy singapore

If you run Adwords Campaign for your business but aren’t utilizing any web analytic tool such as Google Analytics at its best, you are probably losing a lot of money.

Integrating Google Analytics with your WordPress website will help you discover:

  • Best performing keywords
  • Profitable keywords
  • Peak time for high performance
  • Negative keywords
  • Bounce rate
  • & lot more

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