Why Email Subscription Feature For Ecommerce Websites & 2 Best Subscription WordPress Plugins

email subscription for wordpress ecommerce websites

For every eCommerce business, it is vital to get engaged with its existing customers. Email subscription is an excellent way to get connected not only with your customers but those who have just subscribed to your newsletter.

What are the benefits of increasing the number of email subscribers on your blog or eCommerce website?

a. Email Newsletters Drive Sales

Yes, it’s true that email newsletters help drive more sales for your eCommerce business. When you send out newsletters that have offers or discount codes inside them along with a nice call-to-action button to shop on your eCommerce store, the users or subscribers tend to click on it and shop on your website.

b. Connect With Your Users

Given that you follow best emailing practices and have great content in your email newsletters, your users get engaged with your brand. On top of it, when you send out interesting stuff to your users regularly, they even get excited to get more similar stuff from you. Isn’t it quite exciting?

c. Enhance Social Media Following

You can always get more creative while writing and sending out newsletters to your subscribers. You can encourage them to like your page or visit your social media pages. It has been never so easy to get more followers for your social media accounts.

d. Ease Of Use

Having said everything, creating and sending out email newsletters is much easier than even you could have thought. Especially, when you are using WordPress for your eCommerce website, sending out an email newsletter is as easy as a few clicks.

Now, since we know the major benefits of using email subscription features on any eCommerce website, let us talk about integrating it with your WordPress website.

As an eCommerce consultant, below are some of the questions that I am being asked by my clients who wish to integrate subscription features on their existing eCommerce websites:

Is there a WordPress plugin that could send notification emails to subscribers when a blog post is uploaded?

What is the best WordPress plugin to automatically send blog posts to email subscribers?

In this blog post, I will be sharing the 2 best WordPress plugins to integrate subscription features on a WordPress eCommerce website.

#1 MailPoet

mailpoet wordpress ecommerce plugin

Schedule your newsletters, send them right away or set it up to send new blog post notifications automatically in just a few clicks.

With more than 70000 installations, MailPoet is definitely one of the great plugins to use for email newsletters for your eCommerce website.

Here are but a few major benefits of using MailPoet:

  • Creating and adding a newsletter subscription form to your website
  • Managing your subscribers and subscriber lists in WordPress
  • Building and sending out newsletters with WordPress
  • Creating automatic emails to send new post notifications
  • Sending automated signup welcome emails (in premium version)
  • Helps you increase your sales with our emails for WooCommerce (in premium version)
  • Insightful stats on your audience engagement (in the premium version)
Download the “MailPoet” plugin from here.

#2 Email Subscribers

email subscribers ecommerce wordpress plugin

With more than 100000 installations, the Email Subscribers plugin is yet another reliable plugin to incorporate an email newsletter system for your eCommerce store.

Here are a few strong features of the Email Subscribers plugin:

  • Ability to send out notification emails to subscribers when new posts are published.
  • Option to schedule emails or send them manually.
  • Subscription box to integrate with the website and collect user emails.
  • The ability for subscribers to Double Opt-in or Single Opt-in.
  • Automatically add an Unsubscribe link in the email.
  • Import/Export bulk subscribers’ emails.
  • Easy-to-use HTML editor to create newsletters and post notifications.
  • Send newsletters.
  • Sent email status and when it was viewed.
  • Support multilingual content for newsletters.
  • You get an option to include/exclude categories while sending a newsletter or post notification.
  • Ability to control user access (Roles and Capabilities).
Download the “Email Subscribers” plugin from here.

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