Why CMS (Content Management System) & 2 Best CMS For Your Website Development

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CMS has made website development much easier, convenient and affordable than ever before. With the help of CMS, a website can be developed in few days or sometimes even few hours.

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But the most important question that pops up in the mind of a webmaster is “Which CMS is suitable for my website development?”.

In this blog post, I have shared 2 best CMS that you can choose to create a website in 2019-2020, but before that let’s have a look over the features of a CMS and its benefits.

What is CMS?

A Content Management System (CMS) is an application through which you can build & publish webpages quickly & hassle-free. 

A CMS helps you to create a webpage that’s intuitive & aligned with the overall design of your website.

You may be required to hire a website developer to build your website using CMS, but you don’t need them to make changes on your website in future. Because you can easily take control of your CMS website and make all the necessary changes yourself, without paying a single penny to your website designer.

What are the benefits of CMS?

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Here are but few major benefits of developing your website using CMS:

#1 Content posting made easier: One of the most important reasons to choose CMS for website development is that it makes it easier for the webmasters to post contents and create webpage themselves. A new page can be created using CMS as quickly as few minutes.

#2 Content management becomes possible: A CMS helps not only to create, but to organise the contents too. Let’s say if you need a website that must have different sections like blog, articles, news, products and so on. A CMS platform can do this job for you.

#3 The website can be customized: Most of the CMS platforms are easier to scale-up as per your business requirements. The most interesting thing is that CMS developers are available at affordable price so that you can hire them and customize your website according to your own specific needs.

#4 CMS is backed by community: Most of the CMS platforms are backed by strong community of web developers. So, you don’t need to worry about your website being obsolete as you can upgrade the plugins, modules or themes of your website as and when any update is available.

Which CMS is best for your website development?

Choosing a right CMS totally depends upon your requirements and website budget. Talking about the most commonly used & popular CMS  available today, WordPress & Drupal stand out ahead among other options.

#1 WordPress

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Whether you are a newbie or an experienced webmaster, I am sure that WordPress doesn’t sound new for you. Some of you may have heard several good things about WordPress, while others may have different opinion about it.

It’s true that WordPress is the most popular CMS available today on this planet.

Here are but few major reasons why WordPress has become favorite choice for both webmasters and web developers.

  • WordPress comes with intuitive & user-friendly content publishing interface.
  • WordPress developers are available easily in the marketplace.
  • Most of the WordPress plugins are free.
  • Most of the WordPress themes cost you less then $100.
  • Wide community of web developers.


  • WordPress website needs additional precautions for security.
  • Most of the WordPress plugins need frequent updates.

#2 Drupal

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Although Drupal may have less number of downloads & installations as compared to WordPress, it is still very active and renowned in the world of CMS. Especially, when it comes to website security, Drupal always stands ahead.

Here are some of the reasons why web developers & webmasters love Drupal:

  • Drupal comes with a flexible custom post creation system.
  • Drupal framework has a detailed taxonomy system.
  • Drupal is well known for its top-notch security.
  • Drupal has an advanced level user & permission management.


  • Drupal CMS is not very user-friendly like WordPress. It does take some time for the Drupal webmasters, especially laymen, to understand the dashboard and features of a Drupal website.
  • You may face some difficulty in finding suitable Drupal developers for your website development or redesign. Drupal developers may also charge you a bit higher than the WordPress developers.

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