What stops you from hiring a web developer?

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A website can be very helpful to your business. Especially, if you are a small business and if you want to grow on a limited budget, you must build a professional website and focus on the best marketing & advertising activities to get business out of your website.

The cost to build a website is not too high these days.

Especially with the advancement of the CMSs like WordPress, you can easily get a website for as low as $1000. 

But if you want to add advanced features to your website, then you may have to pay more.

Whatever amount you pay for your website development, believe me, it’s worth your investment.

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When I meet my prospects who also wish to build their websites I find some of them are not comfortable creating a website. Most of them have some common thoughts or assumptions that stop them to hire a web developer and create a website.

In this blog post, I have shared some of the misconceptions or myths that many people have and that stop them to create a website. 

I have also tried to demystify these myths that stop people to hire a web developer and build a website.

Let’s start!

#1 Website is expensive

Most people think that building a website requires a lot of money. Especially for an eCommerce website development, they assume that it requires a fortune to build.

That’s not true!

Of course, there are websites that may be too expensive because of their technology or platform of development. But you can avoid it. You can choose to build a professional, beautiful, yet affordable website at a low cost.

Are you wondering how it is possible?

Well, there are many CMS platforms such as WordPress that you can use to create an affordable website. You will be surprised to know the website development cost using WordPress.

A basic corporate website design can cost you as low as $1200 however for an eCommerce website, you may have to pay as low as $2800.

So, when you need a website at a low cost, you must ask your website developer to use WordPress so that you can save money on your web design cost.

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#2 Web developers are not reliable

Perhaps because of their bad experiences in the past, many people would start thinking that web developers are not reliable and they don’t provide good support.

When I meet my prospects who have burnt their fingers with those bad web developers or companies, they would express their disappointment related to the bad support or quality of their previous developers.

Well, I can totally understand their concerns. But the truth is that not all developers are the same. 

There are indeed many web development companies and web developers in Singapore that provide the best quality, unbeatable support, and reasonable price.

It’s just that you need to take care of a few things while hiring a website developer in Singapore.

Below are some of the useful tips that you can follow to work with a Singapore web developer efficiently:

  • You must know from the very beginning what exactly you want. You may want to rely on the expertise of your web developer. That’s fine. But you should have an overall idea of the final outcome of your website.
  • You must hire the best website developer only after checking their past works and getting positive feedback from their existing clients.
  • Another important thing to take care of while working with a Singapore web developer is to sign a formal contract with them to make sure that your project scope is tangible and can be referred to at any time.
  • You must also trust the expertise of your web developer and should be open to all suggestions. After going through the above hiring checkpoints, you can at least trust your web developer.
  • It’s important for you to provide your web developer with clear & concise feedback about their work.

I am sure if you follow the above-mentioned rules while working with a website developer in Singapore, the likelihood of delivering a successful project will be quite high.

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#3 Website management is too technical

Another myth that many small business owners have is that it requires certain technical skills to manage the website. In other words, they think that website management is a super technical task. 

Of course, developing a website is technical and you indeed require good development skills. But it doesn’t apply to managing a website.

Especially you hire a WordPress developer in Singapore who will create a CMS-driven website, you can be assured of the ease to manage your website without seeking any technical assistance from your developer.

Here’s why you should use WordPress for your website development:

  • There are many beautiful themes available for WordPress websites.
  • There is no shortage of plugins that can be used with a WordPress website.
  • WordPress CMS is easy-to-understand even for a non-technical person.
  • There is an abundance of WordPress developers in Singapore which means you can hire one at an affordable cost.
  • Redesigning a website becomes easier with WordPress with just a theme change and some customizations.
  • WordPress architecture is SEO-friendly and is loved by search engines like Google.

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#4 Website maintenance requires a lot of money

Another myth or concern that most business owners in Singapore have is that website maintenance is expensive. They think even if we invest in website development, we will need more money to maintain it. However, that’s not true!

It doesn’t take a lot to maintain a website.

For example, you may just have to pay for website hosting and website domain renewal every year. 

Other than this, you may have to pay your developer a nominal amount of money to upgrade the core software and plugins of your website.

So, if you also think that website maintenance is expensive, perish that thought now. Don’t let it stop you to hire a website developer to build a professional website.

#5 Website is optional

Finally, there is another common reason why many people still don’t have a website for their business. It’s because they think that having a website is optional and not mandatory. But that’s again a wrong thought.

If you have a business, no matter what the size of your business is, you definitely need a website. Without a website, your business can’t survive, let alone the growth.

Do you need a website?