What does a WordPress website’s service warranty include?

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What’s a website’s service warranty?

A website service warranty is a contract between a website developer and a client that is designed to protect the client in the event that their website is not operational for any reason. 

These types of warranties are commonly included in the terms and conditions that are presented to the client during the period of the website’s development.

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Not all website developers provide service warranties to their clients. So before you hire any WordPress developer to build your website, you should ask them about their service warranty. Stay away from the developers who don’t provide any service warranty.

Why service warranty is so important for your website?

Website service warranties are essential for protecting your business from unexpected costs. If something goes wrong with your website, it’s really important to know that you have a team that you can trust to get things back on track right away.

Therefore, when you are hiring any WordPress developer, you must ensure that you are getting a service warranty of at least 2 months. 

If you don’t get any service warranty from your developer and your website starts experiencing any technical issues, you’ll have nobody around to fix them and you may have to hire another developer to resolve those issues by paying them more money.

In other words, when you don’t get a service warranty with your website, the cost of your website development may also increase.

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At Innomedia, we provide all our customers with a service warranty of 3 months. During the warranty period, we help our clients to resolve any technical issues that may occur on their websites.

You may be wondering what all is included in the website’s service warranty and what’s not covered in it. 

Don’t worry. 

In this blog post, I’ve shared a few important items that are included in the service warranty of a website. I have also shared some of the items that may not be included in the warranty.

Let’s start!

Items that are included in the service warranty of a website

#1 Bugs fixing

Even after your website is launched, if you experience any bugs or errors on your website during the service warranty period, it should be the responsibility of your website developer to fix them as a part of the service warranty and he shouldn’t charge you additionally to fix them.

#2 Broken links fixing

Fixing the non-working links (broken links) on the website is also a part of the service warranty. So if you or any of your customers experience broken links on your website during the service warranty period, contact your web developer to fix those issues.

#3 Warnings on the website

Is your website showing some warnings on the front end? If your website is still under the service warranty, your developer should help you to fix those warnings.

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#4 Missing images or design issues

It’s not very uncommon to have some missing images or design issues after your website developer moves your website from the staging environment to the product one. It goes without saying that these kinds of issues are also covered under the service warranty and your website developer should help you to fix them.

#5 Queries & guidance

If you have a few queries on the management, maintenance, or functionality of your website, you can seek the assistance of your website developer to resolve them. Some professional web developers or web design companies like Innomedia always welcome queries & questions from their clients even after the expiry of the service warranty.

Items that are not included in the service warranty of a website

#1 Redesigning

Whether you want to redesign your website partially (some of the elements or blocks) or fully, it won’t be covered in the service warranty. In other words, after your website completion, if you ask your web designer to redesign your website, he may charge you additionally because redesigning is never covered in the service warranty.

#2 Additional features

If you want to add some new features to your website that were not mentioned previously in your web development agreement, your web developer may not assist you in it. Adding the new features to the website is never included in the website warranty. Again, you will have to pay an additional amount of money to get those features incorporated into your website.

#3 Website marketing

If you are approaching your website developer to add some marketing elements to your website that were not mentioned previously in the web design agreement, you may be knocking on the wrong door. Even if there are some marketing experts in his team, your web design company may charge you additionally to add those marketing elements to your website.

#4 Third-party issues

Let’s say your website is using some 3rd party APIs and there are some changes to it because of which the website is showing some errors. This kind of fixing may not be covered in the service warranty. 

Your web developer can provide you with the assistance to fix only those bugs & errors that are pertaining to his own job. The same applies to web hosting also. If there are some issues in the web hosting or on your server, your web developer may not help you in this case as well unless your developer is hosting your website too.

It’s always good to set the right expectations from your website developer to avoid any conflicts or misunderstandings. The above information will help you to work with your developer smoothly and in the long run.

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