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Website designing for medical clinics in Singapore – All you need to know

Why do you need a website for your clinic?

Having a website is vital for any business, but it’s especially important for medical businesses like medical clinics.

If your clinic doesn’t have a website, then you’re missing out on potential patients who are looking to book an appointment with you online.

Although you might think that a Facebook page is enough for your medical clinic, you need a website because it’s your online business card. It’s the hub where people can find information about you, your products, and your services.

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How much would be the cost to build a website for your clinic?

The cost to build a website for a medical clinic will depend on a number of factors including the design, the complexity of the content management system, the nature of the content itself, and the amount of time needed to bring all of that together.

In other words, the more complex features you want, like an online appointment system, the more will be the website development cost.

For example, if you’re trying to create a high-quality, professional-looking website that can compete with your competition, it’s likely that you’re going to pay your website developer anywhere from $2000 to $5000.

There are different website builders available on the market but they all have different pricing models. I always suggest my clients use WordPress for their website development.

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Why WordPress is good for your clinic’s website development?

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL.

According to the official WordPress website, it’s the most popular blogging platform in the world.

The WordPress platform is completely free and easy to use. There are a few reasons why WordPress is so affordable to use for creating a website. Below are some of them:

  • WordPress is an open-source CMS which means you can use it free of cost and your developer can customize it according to your requirements.
  • There are tons of easy-to-use WordPress plugins that will make your life easier. These plugins will also help you to reduce your website development cost because most of them are free.
  • WordPress backend is easy to use. It means your staff can easily manage and maintain your website even if they don’t have any technical background.
  • WordPress developers are available in abundance. You can easily find and hire an affordable WordPress developer to create, redesign, fix, or maintain your website.
  • It’s easy to create or redesign a WordPress website in less time and low cost.
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What should be the recurring costs to maintain your clinic website?

There are a few recurring costs that you may have to pay to maintain your website. Some of these charges are optional while others are essential. Let’s have a look at them:

Web hosting charges: The cost to host your website so that it can render the webpages to the users on their browsers. Basically, web hosting is a virtual space or storage where your website files and folders sit.

You may have to pay somewhere between $100 and $200 to host your website. 

You need to pay the web hosting charges every year. If you are not sure about this, your website developer can also assist you to arrange reliable web hosting for your site.

Domain name: The domain name is the address of your website. For example, my domain name is bhupeshkalra.com

Similar to web hosting, you will also need to pay the domain name registration/renewal charges every year.

The cost of a domain name is usually not too high. For a .com domain, you may have to pay around $20 per annum while for a .com.sg or .sg domain name, you may have to pay $60 per annum.

Website maintenance: It’s very important to maintain your website regularly. A website is like a house. If you don’t maintain it, it will fall apart. If you don’t update it, it will become outdated.

Why you should maintain your website regularly?

  • To make sure that your users always see updated information.
  • To secure your website and protect it from malicious codes & viruses.
  • To ensure the performance of your site.
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Essential features of a clinic website

Before you go ahead and hire a web developer to create your website, you must know some of the essential features that your clinic website should have.

Below are some of the essential features of a medical clinic website:

#1 Services

Services are the most important section of your medical clinic website. This section helps you explain to the potential patients what you are offering them.

The services section on your website helps your patients know what to expect when they come to you for treatment. This section helps them know if they are getting the value for their money.

#2 Online appointments

A medical clinic has a number of options when it comes to appointment features. The first thing that they should consider is whether or not the patient should be able to book an appointment through the website.

The online appointment feature will help patients know exactly when they can expect to see you and will make sure that they keep their appointment. 

Therefore, you must ask your website maker to add an online appointment feature to your website.

#3 Live chat

Having a live chat feature on your website is a great way to convert more visitors into clients.

If you have a medical clinic, then offering a live chat feature is a great way to help patients feel more comfortable about asking questions. 

The best part is that your developer can easily integrate a live chat feature into your website and it doesn’t cost you too much.

A live chat feature on your website is an excellent way to show that you care about your patients and their queries. A live chat feature can help you answer questions that you might not otherwise be able to answer.

#4 FAQ

It’s important to have an FAQ section on your medical clinic website because people will have questions about what you offer, how much you charge, what procedures you provide, etc.

Having an FAQ section on your website will save patients time to call you and ask about the general questions and at the same time, it will save your time also. Because you don’t need to attend to the calls from patients and answer their general queries.

#5 Testimonials

A testimonial is a written or spoken statement given by a satisfied customer about your services or products. It’s a way to demonstrate to potential customers that your product or service works. It’s the easiest way to get someone to believe you.
The best way to get testimonials is to ask for them.

Having testimonials on your website is the number one way to prove to potential patients that you actually know what you’re doing and how you’ve helped other patients.

#6 CMS

Content Management System (CMS) is very important for your medical clinic website because it allows you to update your site whenever you want. With CMS, you can update your site whenever you want without waiting for your web designer.

There are some best CMS for medical clinic websites like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal.

Among all the available CMS platforms, WordPress is perhaps the best one because it allows you to create your medical clinic website at an affordable cost. So you can hire a WordPress developer to build your clinic’s website.

WordPress is not only loved by the website owners, but it’s the favorite CMS of website developers also.

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#7 Blog

Blogging is a great way to interact with your customers and patients and to build trust.

By being active on your blog, you can interact with them and engage them in conversations about your products and services.

Through your blog, you can share your knowledge with people who are looking for information on medical topics. 

For example, if you work in a medical clinic, you can share helpful tips on how to better take care of yourself or your family. 

Therefore, you must ask your website creator to add a blog section to your website. 

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