Web Design checklist that clients should provide their web designers

The success of a website design is not a one-way process; rather it has to be two ways.

Generally, only web designers are held responsible for any delay or unacceptable completion of the website while there may be some cases in which both the parties (client and the web designer) had a miscommunication between them or the web designer was not provided with the appropriate material to finish the website on time & without any bugs.

In this blog, I have shared a few checklists that every client must provide their web designer to ensure that the website design job is completed efficiently and on time.

Exact design needs


In most cases of website design failure, there has been a common factor that is the found-Inadequate supply of exact design needs. When the clients fail to provide accurate design requirements to their web designer and in the midst of the web design process, they send modified requirements or additional features which they might have missed in the original specifications, it is likely that the project will not be completed on time.

Therefore, every business must first lay down all the required features & functionalities which they expect on their websites in order to avoid any conflicts or delays.

So, if you also want to hire a website designer to create your website, make sure to write down your exact requirements to share with your shortlisted website developer or designer.

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Graphics & Images


High-resolution graphics and images play important role in the success of any website design. Therefore, all businesses must make sure that they should provide web designers with all the necessary high-resolution images that align with their business interests.

Alternatively, web designers can also help clients to search for & purchase images for them. The idea is just to have all the images shortlisted and approved by the client during the process of web development and before the final delivery of the website. This process will prevent any possible delays in the completion of the website.

Brand Guidelines


All of us must realize the fact that the clients are the masters of their businesses and not the website designing. At the same time, web designers are the masters of their niche and not the client’s business. Therefore, every business/client must make sure to supply necessary brand guidelines to the web designers because they understand their business well than any other person.

I have experienced in many cases that the delays happened due to the wrong interpretation of business branding by the web designers which caused not only delays but also lots of errors and iterations. The brand guidelines may include logo contrast & colors, font style, layout colors, hyperlink colors, image styles, etc.

Budget & Deadline


Last but not least, every web designer must make sure to get the budget and deadline for the website completion from their clients. Every business has a limited spending budget for each activity to run their business and the same is the case with website designing too.

Therefore, the clients must provide the web design budget & deadline information to their web designers to avoid any chaos during or after the website completion.

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