Paypal payment plugins for WordPress eCommerce websites

WordPress plugin

Do you sell products or services? Or maybe your website accepts donations for a worthy cause. Or maybe you want to sell digital products like plugins, themes, or ebooks?

If you have an eCommerce website in WordPress, this blog post can help determine the best PayPal plugin for your WordPress eCommerce website.

Let’s see what are the best options for using WordPress plugins for Paypal payments.

#1 WP Easy PayPal Payment Accept


WP Easy PayPal Payment Accept makes it super simple to accept payments for products, services, or donations on your website. By installing this plugin on your WordPress eCommerce web design, you will be able to use shortcodes in your posts and pages or even sidebars to show the payment forms along with the Paypal button to pay.

#2 Sell Digital Downloads


If you intend to sell MP3, Videos, Audio, or other digital products, then this Sell Digital Downloads is the best choice for your eCommerce website. This plugin provides an easy-to-use shopping cart for your eCommerce website that’s designed for PayPal integration and lets you sell digital products hassle-free.

How does the “Sell Digital Downloads” plugin work

This WordPress plugin lets you upload the files you want to offer for sale through a media uploader feature on your website. Once you upload the media files,  you can start creating new products associated with each of these files. When the customers buy any of your digital products and pay against them using PayPal, they receive an email along with the download link in their inbox.

#3 Paid membership pro

Paid membership pro - WordPress Ecommerce plugin

This plugin lets you sell your products on a subscription basis. For eg, if your business sells magazines or royalty-free images, or any software, this plugin will help you to charge your customers on a monthly, yearly, or weekly basis.

Paid membership pro plugin helps you to create different types of membership packages on your website. For eg. you may want to create a free package along with other paid packages, you can do so.

This plugin is also useful for websites that offer dating services, business listing services, property listings, etc.

#4 PayPal for WooCommerce

PayPal WooCommerce - WordPress Ecommerce plugin

If your eCommerce website has been built using WooCommerce (an eCommerce WordPress plugin), then PayPal for WooCommerce would be suitable for your online store.

This plugin works seemingly well with your WooCommerce website because you won’t need to check your receipt statements on your PayPal account anymore, the backend of your WooCommerce website will provide you with all the important insights which include the transactions made by your customers and all the WooCommerce order information.

#5 WordPress Simple Paypal Shopping Cart

Simple PayPal - WordPress Ecommerce Plugin

As the name suggests, this plugin is pretty simple to use with your WordPress website and to start selling products or services to your customers.

WordPress Simple Paypal Shopping Cart enables you to create simple PayPal buttons and integrate them with your PayPal account. You can display these buttons on any post, page, or even sidebar.

This plugin allows you to sell your products, services, or media files that you want to sell directly from your website. Just like the Sell Digital Download plugin, this plugin sends your customers a confirmation notice providing the download link for media sales.

You can also check the functioning of this plugin on your website by processing test payments because this plugin also integrates with the PayPal sandbox for quick testing.

#6 PayPal Responder

PayPal responder - WordPress Ecommerce plugin
Have you ever experienced a situation where you bought a product from an online store by paying through PayPal and after that, you became clueless as to what will happen next? I am sure this situation sounds familiar to most online buyers.

Paypal Responder is a WordPress plugin that helps you to integrate an auto-responder with your shopping cart so that when a user pays for any product or service, they will receive an email explaining how and when they can expect the products from you.

This plugin can also be very helpful for eCommerce websites that sell ebooks because when the customer pays for any ebook, they can receive an email with an ebook as an attachment or a link to download the book.

#7 Paypal Payment ShortCode

PayPal Shortcode - WordPress Ecommerce plugin

If you don’t want to set up a comprehensive eCommerce store but still want to sell something without facing any hassles of using the shopping cart and adding the products to your website, a simple plugin like PayPal Payment Shortcode can help you.

Without setting up an online store, you can easily generate shortcodes and use them on pages or posts to accept payments from your customers. This plugin can work well with your WordPress website design if you want to accept donations from people.

#8 eShop

EShop - WordPress Ecommerce Plugin
eShop is a comprehensive shopping cart system that comes with all the features that make running an online store successful. It works for both tangible products and downloadable products.

This plugin comes with some advanced features like multiple shipping choices, email templates for post-purchase autoresponders, etc. Other basic features include stock control, order handling in the dashboard, custom out-of-stock messages, discount options, sales tax options, multisite compatibility, and a user-friendly sales dashboard.