Is your website facing these 6 issues? You need to hire a website designer to fix them

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hire a website designer to fix website issues

Do you have a website that’s facing any of these 6 issues? If yes, you need to take an immediate action and redesign your website:

#1 Slow Loading Speed

Is your website loading speed is too slow? 

Do your website users always complain that they can’t access your website quickly and it takes forever for them to view the information on your website? 

You need to hire a web designer to fix the loading issue of your website. 

Here are some of the ways in which a web designer or developer can help you to speed-up your website. 

  • Minimising the in-line css & js scripts 
  • Installing speed or cache plugin/module on your website 
  • Updating the version of your CMS 
  • Updating all the plugins or modules on your website

#2 Lack Of Traffic

If your website doesn’t have enough traffic, probably you may be losing a huge share of online sales. 

The number 1 reason that a website that doesn’t get enough traffic from the search engines is lack of SEO elements. 

Here are some of the ways in which your website designer can improve the SEO-ability of your website:

  • Installing SEO plugin
  • Optimizing webpages for loading speed
  • Optimizing webpages for internal linking
  • Creating sitemap and robots files
  • Optimizing website for mobiles

#3 Functional Errors & Bugs

Do you encounter some intermittent bugs on your website?

Have your website visitors reported that they can’t use your website because of some errors?

Perhaps, you need a website developer to fix the issue.

The bugs on your website could be because of several reasons, some of them may be mild while others may be severe.

Don’t take a chance and hire a website designer or developer to fix your website.

#4 Lack Of Attractive Design

Does your website look outdated or boring?

It may be the time to redesign your website.

When you feel that your competitors’ websites look more professional & attractive than yours, go for a complete revamp of your website.

A new website design can help you in attracting more users and thereby, in getting more business.

#5 Fixing Broken Links

The links on your website that lead to nowhere (non-existent page) are called as broken links.

More broken links on your website can affect you in 3 ways:

  • Downgrading your users’ experience on your website
  • Drop in SEO rankings & traffic
  • Bad reputation

So if you find any broken link(s) on your website, hire a web designer to fix the issue asap.

#6 Lack Of Mobile-Optimized Design

More than 40% of your potential customers are browsing your website using their smartphones or tablets.

Therefore, if your website is not responsive (mobile-optimized), then you may be losing almost 50% of your customers & business.

Today, having a mobile-optimized website is as important as creating a website in the first place.

So, if your website doesn’t have a responsive design, hire a web designer now to fix it.

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