Is your e-commerce website answering these 7 questions for your users?

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Do you sell products? And are you looking for different ways to increase your sales & customers?

An e-commerce website can help you to grow your retail business online. 

But similar to any brick-n-mortar business, your online store also needs to interact with your potential customers and help them to make their buying decision. 

When any customer steps in a shop or outlet, there could be a few or many salespeople to care of him, resolve his queries, and convince him to buy their products. 

But what about an e-commerce website?

When your potential buyers visit your website, who’s there to handle their queries? Perhaps nobody. In other words, your e-commerce store is like a self-service outlet for online shoppers. 

Now you can imagine how likely it is for the users to resolve their queries themselves and purchase the products from your store. 

But here’s good news for you. 

There are several ways to reduce, if not eliminate completely, the buying resistance of your potential buyers by addressing their concerns, worries, and queries. 

ecommerce web design singapore

But even before you start thinking about answering them, you must know what are the important questions that most of the users have when they enter any online store. 

In this blog post, I have shared 7 questions that most of your online shoppers have to which they try to find out their answers while browsing your website. 

#1 What's the price of your product?

This is perhaps the most important question that all the users on your website may have. What’s the price.

These days, online shoppers have a lot of options to compare the price of any product by visiting different websites. Therefore, the moment they enter your website, they may ask “what’s the price that I need to pay?”.

Is your website answering this question for the users?

In other words, is the pricing information clear on your website? 

What you or your web developer could do in order to answer this question just in a fraction of seconds?

  • The price of each product must be displayed clearly on all the webpages. 
  • The font style of the price must be visible to all users. 
  • The mobile version of your website must also have to clear indication of the pricing of your products. 

I have come across several websites that either doesn’t display their prices on the listing page of the products or the fonts that they have used are too small. 

#2 What are your refund & exchange policies?

Did you know that one of the most important reasons why some users don’t prefer to buy online is that they are worried about the product’s refund & return policy?

Even if these users like the products from any eCommerce store, before place their orders, they would ask themselves questions like:

What if I won’t like the product?

Will I be able to return the product and get my money back?

Will I be able to replace or exchange the product?

If your eCommerce store is able to answer all of these questions of your online shoppers, they will be more likely to make their decision in no time & buy your products.  

If you’ve ever bought products from, you probably know what I am talking about here. 

At, most of their products can be returned or replaced hassle-free.

#3 Where you are located?

Even if your potential buyers like your products, their pricing and return policies, they may not buy from you if they don’t know where you are located.

It is therefore important to display your contact details on your e-commerce website. 

Perhaps, your website developer can showcase your address at the footer or header of each page of your online store. 

#4 What I am supposed to do?

Many webmasters assume that they just have to create an e-commerce website and upload some products in order to start getting orders. But that’s not the case. 

You will be surprised to know that there are still many online users who need some sort of guidance on the websites to take an action.

Here comes the assistance of your e-commerce developer who can make use of various call-to-action elements on your online store and guide the users on what they are supposed to do next. 

For instance, each product on your website must have prominent buttons such as “Buy Now“, “Add to Wishlist“, “Add to Comparison” etc. so that it’s clear for the users what to do next. 

Instead of showing icons for these actions, your website designer can use intuitive buttons. 

#5 What's your shipping policy?

Before placing their orders with your eCommerce store, the online shoppers want to know about your shipping policy as well. 

How soon they will receive their products?

Do they need to pay extra for shipping charges?

Will they be able to track their order after you dispatch it?

If your website answers these shipping-related questions for the users, they will feel more comfortable placing their orders with you. 

#6 How to access your support?

This is yet another common question that most of the online shoppers want to know before they pay & buy anything on your e-commerce store – “how can I get in touch with your support in case of any problem?”.

How can you answer this question for your users?

  • By providing a hotline number on your website. Perhaps it would be a great idea to place your support email & phone number on the top header of your webpages. 
  • By providing live chat support. Yes, your web developer can integrate a live chat system with your online store so that the users can contact you for any queries or after-sales support if they need it. 

#7 Why should I buy your products only?

Last but not the least, your online shoppers want to know why they should buy your products over your competitors’ products. 

You can win the half-battle of your eCommerce business if you are able to provide several reasons for your users to buy from you. 

How can you answer this question?

  • By mentioning the benefits, not just the features of your products. 
  • By offering discounts, especially for new customers.
  • By showing a demo of your product(s) through a video. 
  • By showcasing the ratings & reviews of your existing customers. 

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