If WordPress is free, then why do you still need to pay for website development?

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Yes, WordPress is free to use, for everybody.

So why do you still need to hire a web developer and pay for your website development?

This is one of the common questions that I come across when I meet my prospects.

website development singapore

It’s true that WordPress is free and anybody can use it to build a website, even without having any technical expertise. All you need to do is, just follow below process:

  • Signup for a free or cheap web hosting package.
  • Download & install WordPress
  • Install any free theme
  • Install some free plugins
  • Post some contents
  • Hit Publish and make the webpages live

What’s the harm…

Of course, by following the above steps, you can have a running website up & running. But without any technical skills or without hiring a website developer, if you try to create a website, you may end up getting:

  • A basic website design that has been used by thousands of other websites.
  • A website that’s not secure and is vulnerable to security threats.
  • A website that may not be optimized for loading speed.
  • A non-converting website with no sales or enquiries.

If you can accept to have a website with above issues, you definitely don’t need to hire a website developer.

But as a matter of fact, none of the above outcomes is expected & accepted when we build a website, right? We create our websites to grow our business and get more sales & conversions.

With the help of WordPress CMS, you can definitely save your website development cost however if you are not a coder or programmer, do not waste your time to create your website.

Below are 6 major reasons for you to engage a WordPress developer to build a professional website, rather than trying it to build it yourself:

#1 Customize your website design

You can definitely buy a theme and install it on your WordPress website however you may wish to change the color scheme or different elements of your website design. 

For customizing your theme according to your preferences & choices, you do need the help of a professional WordPress developer

#2 Secure your website

If you don’t pay attention to the security of your website, sooner or later your website may become vulnerable to different kinds of potential security threats. 

Your do need to hire a WordPress developer who can help you to secure your website. 

#3 Optimize the loading speed

Installing various plugins may slow down the speed of your WordPress website. Again, here comes the assistance of a website coder who can help to optimize the loading speed of your website. 

#4 Assistance in plugin customization

Not all the plugins can match your expectations. According to your specific business needs, you may need the assistance of a WordPress developer to customize some of the plugins on your website. 

So, investing some money on a website developer is definitely worth it. 

#5 Assistance in selection of web hosting

Website hosting is very crucial for every website. Therefore you must be very cautious while choosing your web host. If you don’t have experience working with any hosting company in the past, you may not be able to choose the best one for you. 

Being experienced in dealing with different hosting companies, your website developer can assist you in choosing the right one for you. 

#6 Getting more sales & enquiries

If you think that a website developer can’t help you to get more sales & enquiries, perish that thought. By implementing several best techniques on your website like call-to-action elements, nice forms etc., your WordPress developer can help you to grow your business. 

So, it’s worth hiring a WordPress developer instead of trying everything on your own. 

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