How WordPress can reduce your website development cost

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If you’re looking to create a blog or website, you should consider using WordPress.

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You can create a fully functional, professional, yet affordable website with WordPress and it’s the best option for bloggers and webmasters who are just starting out.

If you are wondering how can WordPress website development be affordable, this blog post is for you!

Here are 6 ways in which WordPress can reduce your website development cost

#1 WordPress CMS is Free

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) that lets you build a website without investing a lot in web development. 

It’s user-friendly and comes with a ton of features that are easy to use and navigate.

You can easily set up a WordPress site on your server in just a few minutes using the “Softaculous” feature of your cPanel. 

All you need is a web developer to customize your WordPress theme to match your expectations. 

This means the effort of your web developer is reduced by using a WordPress CMS.

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#2 Plugins, plugins, & plugins

There are lots of plugins that you can use with your WordPress website to enhance its functionality. 

And the best part is that most of these power-packed plugins are available free of cost. 

This is another reason that it costs way too little to build a website using WordPress as compared to creating one from the scratch.

If you have a WordPress website, you can easily build pages, customize your website, and add widgets. 

You can even hire an affordable WordPress freelancer to help you with your website.

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#3 Themes for the design

When you use WordPress for your website development, you can choose among hundreds of themes the design for your site. 

It means that you don’t need to hire a web designer separately to design the layout for your website. 

There are hundreds of free & paid themes that you can install and activate on your WordPress website.

Even if you want to change some of the design elements of your chosen theme, you can easily hire a WordPress developer to make those changes for you. It will still be a cheaper solution as compared to designing a website from the scratch.

Using a readymade theme for your WordPress website can save you more than 30% on your overall web design cost.

In the past, it would have cost a lot to have a website designed.

However, now you can use a WordPress theme to design a website for a very low price. 

You can even use a free WordPress theme to make a website. This is a great way to build a website without spending a lot of money.

In my experience, using a theme for a website or blog makes it much cheaper to build a website or blog.

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#4 Plenty of web developers

WordPress is one of the most commonly used CMS available on the planet today. Most web developers are comfortable working on WordPress websites. 

You can even find many web developers who just work on WordPress CMS.

The huge competition among WordPress developers simply means that you will get an affordable web development quote for your site.

The easy availability of WordPress developers also means that you don’t have to rely on a single developer. 

You can easily switch over to a new developer if you aren’t happy with your existing developer.

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#5 Shared hosting supports WordPress

WordPress CMS doesn’t require any high-configuration servers to host a website. A shared web hosting server can easily run a WordPress website efficiently.

Shared hosting is the most affordable type of hosting and it’s perfect for hosting your WordPress site. 

It’s the only hosting option that supports WordPress and is good enough for most users. 

If you’re just starting out and need to keep costs down, shared hosting is the way to go.

Shared hosting is super cheap and easy to set up. And therefore, you can save your WordPress website development cost when you host your site on a shared server.

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#6 WordPress management is easy

The WordPress CMS is not complicated and it’s quite easy to manage.

Even novice webmasters can manage their WordPress-based websites.

When you build your website using WordPress, most of the uploading and updating work can be done from your side which means you don’t have to hire a developer for making minor changes to your website.

As a result, your overall website design cost is reduced a lot.

On the contrary, if your developer is creating your website using custom PHP or any frameworks, you may have to depend on your programmer to make adjustments to your website, even if those adjustments are minor.

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WordPress website development is definitely affordable & efficient. So, if you are looking to build a website at an affordable cost, choose WordPress.

When you choose WordPress for building your website, you can save not only on your website development but also on the redesigning & enhancement of your website.

You can easily hire a WordPress developer to make the required changes to your website by paying him or her a nominal amount.

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