How to get a fully functional business website in WordPress

Responsive Wordpress Web Design

If you’ve ever asked a web developer to quote you for a business website with several fully functional features, I am sure you must have got a high-priced proposal. Not because web development is expensive, but because you had requested to include all the advanced but important features in your website.

Let me suggest you hire a WordPress developer and ask him to integrate the below plugins to design a professional yet affordable website for you. Yes, it’s possible to own a professional website with advanced features, and that too without making a hole in your packet.

List of important WordPress plugins for a business website

#1 Sucuri

sucuri for wordpress web design

Security is one of the major concerns for online business owners. Moreover, the bad news is that it’s going to be worse in the coming years. Therefore, I always recommend using Sucuri because its firewall has all the necessary features to protect your website.

With Sucuri, you can monitor and protect your website from malware threats, brute force attacks, and other types of misc attacks too.

#2 Yoast SEO

yoast seo for WordPress web design

Formerly known as WordPress SEO by Yoast, Yoast SEO is not a new name among WordPress webmasters when it comes to search engine optimization. Yes, Yoast SEO is a must-plugin if you intend to achieve higher rankings on search engines, especially Google. This plugin helps to optimize WordPress websites for search engines.

Where most of the SEO plugins available for WordPress websites provide only basic features like meta tags optimization etc., Yoast SEO provides comprehensive SEO features to help you optimize your website and attract more traffic from search engines.

#3 W3 Total Cache

w3 total cache for WordPress web design

We all know that speed is very important to retain the visitors on your website because no one likes to wait for tens of seconds to let the webpages download. But we must also know that speed is one of the most important SEO factors to rank a website. In other words, by optimizing the download speed of your website, you ensure higher rankings in Google which means more visitors and more conversions for your business website.

W3 Total Cache allows you to serve cached files to your visitors which reduces the load on your server and your website performs faster.

#4 Quick and Easy FAQ

quick and easy faq for WordPress web design

If your products or services are new in the market, you may want to include a section with all the FAQs to help your visitors learn more about your business. Through the Quick and Easy FAQ plugin, you can easily create a page where you can list down frequently asked questions along with their answers. You can also use this plugin to help users understand your company and your terms & conditions in a better way.

#5 Insert Headers and Footers


If you are running online marketing campaigns like Facebook marketing, you know what I am talking about. When you run advertising campaigns, you are required to place some trackers on either the header or footer of your website. Editing the theme files every time you are required to add these trackers can be daunting sometimes. Therefore, Insert Headers and Footers plugin helps you to insert the scripts on the desired locations of your web pages.

#6 Soliloquy

soliloquy for wordpress web design

Sliders look great on business websites. It helps the website not only to look attractive but also helps businesses to feature special offers and products beautifully. Through Soliloquy, you can easily create nice sliders and add them to the desired pages of your WordPress website.

This plugin also helps you to crop the images and link them to the landing page of your website.

#7 Constant Contact

constant contact for WordPress website forms

Email marketing is a necessity for every business. Not because it’s cheap but it’s effective too. On your WordPress business website, you can install Constant Contact and build an email list that you can use to send emails to your subscribers.

This plugin also comes with tools that enable you to add sign-up forms on your WordPress website.

#8 Google Analytics

google analytics for WordPress websites

We know that Google Analytics is a comprehensive & free web analytics tool available in the market today. It allows you to see from which sources the visitors come to your website and how they behave (time spent, link clicks, conversions, etc.) on your site.

#9 WPForms

WPforms for WordPress websites

Forms can be considered the backbone of any business website because one of the major objectives of designing a business website is to attract visitors and encourage them to send their contact details by submitting the forms on the website. WPForms plugin allows you to create user-friendly and great-looking forms in just a few minutes.

You can use the forms generated through WPForms on any of the desired pages of your website. E.g. if you have a page on your website for special offers or hot deals, you can integrate a dedicated form for this page so that you can capture the user details in a separate list and it also helps you to measure the effectiveness of your landing pages.

#10 BackupGuard

backup guard for WordPress websites

Backup is an integral part of every business website although most web developers and webmasters ignore this very critical aspect. BackupGuard is a great plugin to be used with every business website which helps to back up the whole website and also allows to restore in case of any disaster on the server.

Final Words

Having a business website can be an expensive affair if you don’t choose WordPress. With the availability of free & low-cost plugins, you can get a great professional website at an affordable cost.