How Much Does A Website Design Cost

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A few questions that I am being asked quite often by my clients are “How much does a website cost?”, “How much is the website cost for small businesses”, “How much does a basic website cost” or “What’s the cheapest price I can get for website design“. No matter what form these questions take, my answer is always the same “It depends!”.

That’s true. There is no specific cost for website development unless we define some basic features and create a few packages. For instance, we offer some basic web development packages to our clients that start from $1200 but these website packages come with some pre-defined features like template-based design, WordPress CMS, 8 to 10 pages along with a contact us and inquiry form.

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But as the saying goes “not all fingers are the same”, and so is the case with our web design packages too. Our packages may be suitable for some businesses, but not all. So the cost of a website completely depends on the specific requirements of a business. In general, a basic website can cost you as low as $1200 and a medium-sized website can cost you as high as $15000 which again depends on the features.

In this post, I am going to share some of the important determinants of web design costing. Before reaching a final website cost for our clients, we ask certain questions to them.

Some of the questions determining website design cost:

1) Do you need web hosting and domain registration?

2) What all features do you want on your website?

3) Do you need a payment gateway on your website?

4) Do you want eCommerce features?

5) Do you need CRM on your website?

6) Do you need a basic SEO setup on your website?

7) Do you need a unique website design or template design will do?

8) Do you need website maintenance as a part of the web design package?

9) Do you have any specific choice for a web development platform?

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# Web Hosting & Domain

If you want to include website hosting & domain registration in the web design cost, then there could be an additional amount ranging from $150 – $300 (per annum) in the total cost of your website building. This price range is for an average web hosting package however you may wish to signup for an enhanced web hosting package too, which may increase the price as well.

# Features & Functionalities

This is the most important determinant of web design cost because different businesses have different requirements. If you just want a simple corporate website with few pages and forms, then the average cost should be around $2000 however if you want some advanced features like customer sign-up, employee sign-in, listing management, advanced search, products management, etc., the cost may be increased by $8000 $15000 or more.

Before you contact any web design company to get a website proposal, you must make sure to jot down the exact features that you want on your website. Without having any specific features, you will just get a vague idea of website cost. There could be some cases where you don’t realize the requirements initially but as you move further, you want them to be added but that’s ok. Your web designer can easily incorporate those new features for you by changing the scope of work and the cost as well. However, it would be a good idea to let your web developer or designer know in advance that you may have some additional features along the way.

# Payment Gateway Integration

Although integrating payment gateway is not a time-consumingĀ task for web developers but again, it depends on the payment methods. For instance, if you prefer PayPal integration, then it shouldn’t take much time to incorporate however if there are some other payment gateways, then theĀ time and cost of website development may increase depending upon the complexity involved.

# EcommerceĀ Features

If you want to sell your products online through your website, then the cost to develop your website may vary. A typical eCommerce website may cost you $3000 to $6000 with all the basic yet mandatory features that are required to run an eCommerce business. There are several other determinants of eCommerce website costing which we have covered in one of our previous blog posts.

# Basic SEO

If your objective is to rank your website in the top positions of search engines & get more traffic from there, then it’s important to include a basic SEO package within your web design proposal. That basic on-page SEO may include (not limited to) below tasks:

  • Meta tags optimization
  • SEO-friendly URL
  • Integration with social media platforms
  • Image tags optimization
  • Interlinking of pages

Incorporating the above basic SEO activities may cost you an additional amount of $500-$800

# Web Design Layout

When you get your website developed, you have two options for layout design. You can either choose a template-based design for your website or you can request your web designer to create a new design for your website from scratch. Designing new layouts for every page of your website will definitely take more time and will be expensive compared to choosing a template. A unique web design layout can affect your total web design cost by $500-$800

# Website Maintenance

Website maintenance is equally important as website development but the frequency of website maintenance depends upon the size and complexity of the website. For instance, if your website has just 8 to 10 pages with few forms, you may require website maintenance services once in a few months. On the other hand, if you own an eCommerce website and you need your web designer’s assistance to upload the products, you may be required to hire him on monthly basis to maintain your website.

Website maintenance doesn’t include only updating content and images on the website, but it also includes upgrading modules and plugins used to develop the website. With the ever-changing web technology, you may be required to update your website regularly in order to make it secure and safe.

Website maintenance packages may cost you less than $400 per month if you have regular updates to be done on your website, however, if you have a few changes to be made once in a few months, I suggest you hire a web developer on an hourly basis.

# Web Development Platform

Last but not least factor in determining the web design cost is the platform on which the website will be developed. There are several open-source CMS options available today to develop a website at an unbelievably affordable price. However, if you prefer to choose custom coding over open-source CMS, the website cost and timeframe may increase significantly. CMS like WordPress is a good option when it comes to affordable website designing and that too in a short time frame.

A WordPress-based professional website can cost you as low as $1200 and can be completed as quickly as 2 weeks.

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